SQL Server DBA Online Training

SQL SERVER DBA online training is now in great demand. Practical SQL SERVER DBA online training by Tysco Online Trainings is designed to work with all major SQL Database Administration activities including DB Design, stored procedures, normalization rules, indexes, DB maintenance, joins, Query Tuning, HA/DR, AAG and SQL Cluster Issues. SQL SERVER DBA tutorial,  24×7 online lab, Certification and Job Support with one real time Project included in the course conducted by Tysco Online Trainings

Tysco Online Trainings offers online SQL SERVER DBA training for professionals aspiring for Microsoft certification. For more details contact the help desk of Tysco Online Trainings

 Pre-requisites to attend SQL Server DBA Training  :

  • Database administrator, business intelligence developer



SQL Server DBA Course Overview:

The SQL Server was originally the Microsoft version of the Sybase relational database. It was only available only  for Windows platforms. Current version (July 2010) is of an SQL Server 2008 R2. The two robust differences between SQL Server  , Sybase & Oracle are:

  • SQL Server has got no undo or rollback segments & therefore no rollback or commit functionality, or read consistent data views , other than what the little can be accommodated from online redo logs.
  • SQL Server architecture is: One host machine to One or more Instances to many Databases (DB). There is no such thing as tablespace within the SQL Server. On line redo logs exist at a database level. The SQL Server does not offer an equivalent to RAC. There are SQL Server equivalents to the data guard & replication, SQL Server does offer the database mirroring & failover clustering. The SQL commands are not executed by oracle, but with go. SQL Server is mostly managed from the SQL Server Management Studio ( as similar to that of Oracle Enterprise Manager –& was called as Enterprise Manager in older versions. Stopping & Starting of SQL Server is done with SQL Server Configuration Manager ( the scenario as follows go to: Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 > Configuration) or, less correctly, services.msc.

SQL Server DBA is a Microsoft product used to manage and store information. Technically, SQL Server is a “relational database management system” (RDMS). Broken apart, this term means two things. First, that data stored inside SQL Server will be housed in a “relational database”, and second, that SQL Server is an entire “management system”, not just a database. SQL itself stands for Structured Query Language. This is the language used to manage and administer the database server.

Learn how the SQL server dba training offers you a sophisticated platform for enterprise data management, see how  Organizations rely on their database administrators to manage their critical databases correctly.  All in all, learn the the task of  the database administrator (DBA) how to safeguard the data  with the  introducing of  an reliable database know as SQL server dba.  SQL server dba training at Tysco Online Trainings make you a perfect database administrator.

Version evolution: The first version of SQL Server 6.5 6.5 was released in  1996 then later on  by making the changes the SQL Server 7 7.0 in 1998,  SQL Server 2000 8.0  in 2000, SQL Server 2005 9.0 in 2005, SQL Server 2008 10.0 in 2008  and  in 2010 they have come up with SQL Server 2008 Release 2 10.5  it has given a very good result comparing to its older version. It has cover come all its limitation, and made it easy and simple for the administrator to use it.

Advantages of using SQL Server DBA:

  • It runs only one instance per platform
  • SQL Server does not have synonyms
  • The SQL Server has an fixed block size of 8k, and a fixed extent size of 64k.
  • There are no rollback in SQL Server. Rollback information is obtained from the online redo logs. This should improve in high performance
  • The SQL Server creates snapshot disk files, rather than creating snapshot log tables
  • The SQL Server does not have sequences. Instead have columns that can be given the identity property.
  • There is no reason to give an database more than 1 data file, except for backup (OR) recovery streamlining for very large database (tablespaces)

 SQL Server DBA Training Outline :

  • Program Name: SQL Server DBA Training course
  • Course Duration:  40 Hours
  • Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided
  • Batch Type: Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX , GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

Advantages upon enrolling with Tysco Online Trainings

We are the best online training providers, we just don’t teach you the technology rather we make you understand with live examples, the sessions we conduct are interactive and informative  .If the candidates miss any of the sessions due to some unavailability, we will give assurance for back-up sessions. At the end of every week the review sessions will be taken, so that the attendees can recollect the topics. As it an Online Trainings, the timings will be according to the candidate feasibility.
As our trainers are real time experts they will help you in giving training  at very high level for real time projects. At the end of the session we will discuss regarding the interview questions which will help you out in cracking the interviews. Our Consultant will help you in preparing the resume and certifications.  Also the added advantage from us is will also provide you job support if you are phasing any issue in your current job, looking at your current working technology and issue , if we think we can resolve the issue then only we give you 100% commitment to resolve it. Tysco Online Trainings Team will be in switch on mode for 24/7 and will solve any issues regarding the training, timings, trainer or server. We are ready to solve any issues with in no time.