SAP TAO Online Training

SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization training supports SAP customers in accelerating the creation of automated test cases for SAP solutions. This acceleration is achieved by automatically creating test components for selected SAP transactions. SAP TAO Training components will then be automatically uploaded into the SAP Quality Center by HP application. These draft test cases are for single transactions, which can then be consolidated into a scenario test case. SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization training also supports maintenance of components and test cases by integration into SAP Solution Manager’s Business Process Change Analyzer.

Tysco Online Trainings offers entire classes on SAP TAO Training platform and allows its participants to gain great business insight for exploring a rewarding professional career.

Prerequisite of SAP TAO Training

  • Microsoft excels 97 or higher web ui support, a computable of Microsoft internet explorer
  • Sap solution manager consultants can opt the course
  • Sap Tao backend with the exact version related to sap solution manager.



  • SAP TAO Basic Concepts
  • About of SAP TAO 2.0
  • SAP TAO Architecture overview
  • SAP TAO workflow
  • TAO Connection settings
  • Configuring the SAP TAO
  • Generating components in TAO using Inspect & UI scanner
  • Differences b/w Inspect/UI scanner
  • Importing or Exporting Business Components
  • Common components In SAP TAO
  • CBASE Libraries


  • Prerequisites for Installing SAP TAO Training
  • SAP TAO Installation
  • SAP TAO Folder Structures
  • SAP TAO License
  • Configuring the SAP Quality Center Folder Structure
  • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Managed System
  • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Quality Center
  • Creating Application Area in QTP
  • Exporting Local Components to QC
  • Configuration Settings for different Tabs


  • Process Flow Analyzer
  • Inspection
  • Consolidation
  • Import/Export
  • Change Analyzer


  • Repository
  • Connect Concepts-SAP TAO Training


  • PFA
  • Inspect
  • UI Scanners
  • Consolidate-SAP TAO Training
  • Build Test Script
  • Consolidated Test Script
  • Execute Test Script
  • Results Analysis


  • SAP Configuration to work with QTP
  • How to Identify SAP Objects using QTP Concepts – SAP TAO Training
  • Using QTP How to navigating SAP GUI application
  • Using QTP How to navigating SAP Portal application
  • Different Types of SAP objects


  • BPT Introduction on
  • BPT workflow
  • Creation of Manual Business Components
  • Application Area-SAP TAO Training
  • Creation Of scripted Component (Automated)
  • Creation of Keyword Driven Component
  • Creation & Execution of Manual BPT
  • Creation & Execution of Automated BPT using the automated components

 Overview On SAP TAO:

Following section gives you an brief overview on SAP TAO, in-depth knowledge will be provided as a part of SAP TAO Training .

SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization in short called as SAP TAO. It is an software streamlines the creation & maintenance of the ERP business process testing. Its application supports customers in the automating their business process tests by automatically generating draft test cases & test components & it also helps you in quick creation of the automated test cases using the reusable components. For more details join for SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization.

While you enroll for SAP TAO Training  you see how the SAP TAO is one of the best tool which helps in accelerating the Business Process of the Test Automation of SAP Applications. Its application supports the customers in automating their business process tests by automatically generating draft test cases & test components for the SAP GUI based transactions.

The SAP TAO automates generation of test components for end-to-end scenarios. The SAP TAO also helps the QA specialist to break down the test into the components.  The SAP has released the automation tool SAP TAO in collaboration with Focus Frame. It enables you to easily create non-production environments with the relevant extracts of business data for testing developments & upgrades. So join for SAP TAO Training  and learn how one can minimize infrastructure & maintenance expenses & maximize the effectiveness & accuracy of your non-production systems.

The SAP TAO helps customers to fasten the process of creating automated test cases for the SAP systems. Automation testing using TAO is performed by creating the test components for various transactions in the SAP modules.

Test components using the TAO are uploaded to the HP Quality Center. Test components created like this are normally for the single transactions & can be later used to create the test scenarios. In SAP TAO Training  you will come  to know how this tool can be easily integrated with the SAP Solution Manager to maintain the different test components.

In short, you can say that SAP TAO enables the SAP clients in automating the business needs by automatically creating the draft test-cases & test components. As we know manual testing is an time-consuming job & frequently requires the team of experienced quality assurance (QA) professionals & tester. join for SAP TAO Training and see how the automated testing helps you to get rid of this issues.

How does the SAP TAO fit into testing?

The TAO is part of an comprehensive end-to-end business process testing solution that accelerates the testing of business processes & runs a long side QC. The TAO was created to help the facilitate testing the SAP environment & to change the testing process trends from manual testing to that of testing by composition. More details you will come across SAP TAO Training

Why use TAO?

The testing can reduce costs & risks associated with all system changing events such as upgrades or interface changes. The TAO helps businesses mitigate risk & support the entire SAP application life-cycle cost-effectively. The TAO is integrated with the solution tool plug-in (ST-PI) that you need to install in the managed system. Register for SAP TAO Training and see how SAP TAO helps QA engineers to break down applications into the components & they can be assembled into test cases through an simple interface using drag & drop feature. Basic Skills Required for TAO is Strong background on Manual & Automation Testing.

SAP TAO Components :

Listed below are few of the components in SAP TAO, more you will explore as a part of SAP TAO Training .

  • TAO Agent – The SAP Solution Tools Plug-in (ST-PI) installed in each SAP managed system.
  • Solution Manager or the SAP TAO Add-on – SAP ST 200 installed in the Solution Manager system.
  • TAO RTL – Contains Business Process Components that has to be uploaded to QC in order to build the Business Process Tests in QC
  • TAO Client – TAO Front-end

Key Features of SAP TAO :

Register for SAP TAO Training and learn how SAP TAO enables customers to breakdown the single software into multiple parts which can be integrated to the test cases using an simple interface by dragging & dropping each part.

  • TAO supports flexible reuse of test cases & data.
  • If there is any functional change in the system, it is easy to maintain the test cases because of this change.
  • With SAP TAO the user can break down the software into multiple segments
  • Which can be dragged and dropped with each test cases with simple interface
  • It supports the simple rescue of the data and the test cases

Overview On SAP TAO 2.0 :

Following session gives you brief overview on SAP TAO 2.0, more of SAP TAO 3.0 you will explore as a part of SAP TAO Training.

SAP TAO 2.0 is an tool that is used to create an automatic test-cases during the regression testing of an system. It helps the SAP customers to create different test components from the screens of an transaction & parametric them.

These test components are created normally for one transaction code & then later they can be combined to test scenarios. It can be easily integrated with Business Process Change Analyzer in the SAP Solution Manager.

The SAP TAO 2.0 comes with different Service pack SP 02, SP 04, & SP 06.

The SAP TAO performs the following tasks in SAP Testing Life-cycle :

  • Test -Cases creation
  • The Regeneration of affected components
  • Test-Cases Consolidation
  • Test-Execution

Test case creation by using the SAP TAO

  • Approach for Test Case Creation & Execution
  • Join for SAP TAO Training and explore how to test automate of Business Processes by using SAP TAO
  • Options to execute the SAP TAO based test scripts
  • Test case executions of business process variants by using Iterations
  • Test-Execution Logs & Reports

SAP TAO Test Execution Logs & Reports:

Listed below are the test execution and the reports of SAP TAO, more you will explore as a part of SAP TAO Training.

Test Execution Logs:

  • The HP QTP Logs
  • SAP TAO Logs: Information on in-put parameters, screen-shots, error messages, etc.


  • Reports in the Quality Center, e.g. Coverage analysis
  • Test Status & Defects can be transferred to SAP Solution Manager via SAP QC Adapter to give a consolidated view to the Project Manager.

 Test case maintenance using SAP TAO

  • Join for SAP TAO Training and learn how the Software Changes of SAP Solutions affecting automated test cases
  • Introduction to the Business Process Change Analyzer
  • Accelerated Repair of the SAP TAO test scripts

Functionality of SAP TAO 3.0 SP04:

Following session gives you brief overview on the SAP TO functionality, more you will explore as apart of SAP TAO Training.

  • Test Automation : The SAP GUI, SAP CRM Web Client, ABAP Web Dynpro, Java Web Dynro, SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP GUI for HTML, BSP and SAP UI5.
  • Inspection : Supported for SAP GUI, SAP CRM & ABAP Web Dynpro screens
  • Consolidation : for all the supported UI technologies-SAP TAO Training
  • TBOM creation : Supported for the SAP GUI, SAP GUI for HTML, SAP CRM Web-Client & ABAP Web Dynpro
  • Enhanced & updated the default component library
  • Miscellaneous : Generates output parameters, supports the HP ALM 11.5 & improved PFA controller