SAP Sport One Online Training

SAP Sports One provides the sport clubs with an suite of mobile & web apps that give teams all the tools they need to operate effectively. This SAP sports software is based on the SAP HANA Cloud (SAP HCI ) Platform that delivers real-time insights, drives more effective & timely decision making, & dramatically accelerates analytic, business processes, data processing, & predictive capabilities. Enroll with Tysco Online Trainings for best SAP Sports One Training. All the sessions are carried out with the expert professionals. We deliver live sessions according to the participants feasibility. For more details about the SAP Sports One Online Training please reach us by contacting our support team now.

Overview On SAP Sports One:

The following session gives you brief overview on the SAP sports one, in depth knowledge will be provided by our expert consultants as a part of training. The following session shows you the SAP Sports One apps & lists their functions. Hover over each app name for an description.

Player Fitness:

Player Fitness gives physiotherapists & other medical staff functions to manage the health &fitness of their players. Player fitness also supports the performance diagnosticians in testing the players‘ performances. The Player Fitness app:

  • It provides an secure platform to create, manage, & store relevant medical data
  • It gives an overview of the fitness level, injuries, & sicknesses, allowing you to deep-dive into the history of the individual players
  • It offers an calendar to plan the necessary preventive actions & post-injury therapies
  • sends notifications to coaches when an player is ill or injured
  • allows to send or print the PDFs, attach documents to medical records, & upload health information the from external sources. Enroll for SAP Sports One Training and explore more.
  • It offers treatment plan templates to speed up the treatment planning
  • Provides the functions to create an central test catalog, & to add & analyze performance tests to monitor the performance development of a team or individual players

Team Manager:

The Team Manager for the sport coordinators & team managers has a wide range of functions to create, manage, & store all of your club & team information. The Team Manager web app:

  • provides an overview & all details of teams, players, & staff members
  • has an wizard to import data on all players from own club, as well as from the other teams and all competitions – scope is subject to agreement with your selected data provider
  • has an overview of players & teams & lets you manage team assignments
  • provides player & team calendars to easily keep track of all activities, Enroll for SAP Sports One Training and explore more.
  • allows you to create & view match information, as well as manage events of a match
  • It provides performance statistics on match & training participation of an player
  • allows you to manage the evaluations for internal & external players
  • can communicate appointments & other information to players, group of players, & staff

SAP Team One:

The SAP Team One app for Apple devices pushes the information out of SAP Sports One to club members. Coaches, managers, scouts, & players, as well as external team support such as the bus drivers & travel agents can connect with each other easily & securely. The SAP Team One mobile app:

  • provides an secure platform for private discussions
  • works hand in hand with other SAP Sports One apps to allow the exchange of medical data, training plans, & game strategies
  • It can be used to send all types of information such as text messages, photos, game & the training analysis videos, & performance data. Enroll for SAP Sports One Training and explore more.
  • allows you to store & access videos, documents, & other content offline
  • helps coaches communicate with individual players, groups of players, or whole team

SAP Player Fitness mobile app:

  • With the SAP Player Fitness mobile app for iPad, medical staff can access the main functions of web app Player Fitness anywhere &anytime.

Scouting Insights:

Scouting Insights helps the sport clubs hire the best players. Scouts can access player profiles, evaluate & measure talent, & assess their career progress in order to identify which players are most likely to help the team achieve success on field. With Scouting Insights, you can:

  • create scouting requests with assignment to a match & reason for the visit
  • automatically notify assigned scouts when an new scouting request is created
  • evaluate players in an match with ratings & overall comments, or create an detailed evaluation based on the previously defined evaluation sheet
  • get an calendar overview of all the scouting requests, your matches, & matches for competitions & teams marked as favorites
  • review an shortlist with all players at an glance who are being scouted more intensively & are potentially eligible for transfer
  • get an overview of an player’s upcoming matches to easily plan scouting requests
  • manage player profiles

Training Planner:

Training Planner gives the coaches functions to prepare the team or individual players for training & upcoming games. The Training Planner web app:

  • allows you to define the training content in overview or at detailed level, & assign it to players or groups
  • shares plans, results, &feedback among coaches, players, &physios
  • keeps an history of training sessions
  • helps to analyze the training success of an player or team
  • helps plan upcoming games based on data such as your opponent & your team’s strengths, fitness, & availability. Enroll for SAP Sports One Training and explore more.
  • prints your plans as forms or the PDFs
  • allows the upload of training &match information from the external sources

Match Insights:

Match Insights allows you to review match videos uploaded from private sources, the Internet, or from the selected providers to analyze your team’s & competitor’s performance, & prepare for upcoming matches. The Match Insights web app:

  • has flexible controls that allow you to pan in & out for an overview, or deep-dive into the details of an match play , event, or player action
  • shares videos, clips, analysis footage, & feedback among coaching staff, players, and other team members. Register for SAP Sports One Training and explore more.
  • allows you to catalog & store matches or video clips
  • seamlessly integrates match data from the selected content providers
  • offers a tactic board which you can use to analyse & match in detail by displaying distance indicators, cover shadows, & defense lines, drawing areas & arrows, & displaying the movement of a player in the next five seconds.