SAP Simple Finance Online Training

Good News for Finance divisions globally, SAP SIMPLE FINANCE TRAINING now the simplicity of SAP CLOUD with SAP HANA. SAP now simplifying the finance platform. By Introducing the SAP SIMPLE FINANCE, all Finance delegates, Financial officers are  changing towards SAP SIMPLE  FINANCE. Formulating the new features of it with SAP HANA Cloud , Its very easier & comfort for User experience.

For finance users, Simple Finance provides easier practice from beginning to deployment. SAP SIMPLE FINANCE ONLINE  TRAINING will be occur in specifically demand, user friendly and convenient for new clients.



  • Introduction to SAP HANA
  • Introduction to S4HANA
  • Overview of SAP Simple Finance Add-on 2.0
  • Architecture of Simple Finance Add-on


  • Prerequisites for migration
  • Deployment Options
  • Migration Methodology from Classical GL
  • Migration Methodology from New GL
  • Praparation of data for Migration in the old system
  • Installation of Simple Finance Add-on
  • Activation the Simple Finance Add-on
  • Configuring of GL Accouting for migration
  • Configuring AA for migration


  • Configuring New Functionalities in GL Accounting
  • Configuring New Functionalities in Asset Accounting
  • Configuring New Functionalities in Management Accouting
  • Overview of SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • Overview of Cash Management




  • To gain SAP Simple Finance overview, lessons learned, and key points for new SAP S/4 HANA Simple Finance implementations.
  • There are two approaches to learn the Simple Finance that is Migration and without Migration.
  • If you company is going to migrate from existing ERP systems to New ERP Systems then the migration is mandatory
  • Else if you are using the new ERP system then you need to just update the financial applications with the new ERP system with S/4 update, so in that migration is not required but table migration is required.
  • The Prerequisites to learn SAP Simple Finance is to have some knowledge on financial applications.
  • The main and the important functionality to run the SAP Simple Finance is, the system should be in S4 HANA database and ECC6 and EHP7 with SR2 on HANA and FIORI and UI5 need to be get updated.
  • Data Warehouse Servers need to be integrated. SAP HANA, SP9 and BPC 10 is required.
  • SAP Simple Finance replaces the classical / traditional financial applications in your ERP Systems by introducing SAP Simple Finance.
  • SAP Simple finance training is an Add-on for SAP Business suit powered by SAP HANA  which comes with simple data model.
  • Some industry solutions and SAO EPR Add-on are not fully compatible with the simple finance.
  • The Major focus in Simple Finance is HANA (basics & S/4 structure), FINANCE (FICO, FSCM) & Reports (FIORI, LUMIRA).
  • The Major changes between traditional financial system and SAP Simple Finance are:
  • Traditional database puts more efforts in optimizing the hard disk, where as SAP S4 HANA focus on optimizing memory access between the CPU and the main memory.
  • Enroll for SAP Simple Finance training with us and see what are the two approaches involved in SAP Simple Finance , they are as follows  Migration and without Migration.
  • If you company is going to migrate from existing ERP systems to New ERP Systems then the migration is mandatory or else if you are using the new ERP system then you need to just update the financial applications with the new ERP system with S/4 update, so in that migration is not required but table migration is required.
  • The visison of SAP is to provide its customer to run a simple digital economy.
  • SFIN has designed to drive instant value across lines of business and industries with ultimate simplicity.
  • It creates an unique opportunity to reinvient business models and drive new revenue and profits.
  • The Prerequisites to learn SAP Simple Finance Training is to have some basic knowledge on financial applications.
  • The main and the important functionality to run the SAP Simple Finance Training is, the system should be in S/4 HANA database &  ECC6 and EHP7 with SR2 on HANA and FIORI and UI5 need to be get updated.
  • Data Warehouse Servers need to be integrated. SAP HANA, SP9 and BPC 10 are required.

Advantages of using SAP Simple Finance Training:

  • SAP Simple finance training provides simple user interface which can be easily understood, and it works on any device.
  • It has got simple table structure, which reduces the data footprint at lower TCO
  • SAP Simple finance training provides flexible fly analysis by using drill down techniques
  • The deployment options are made easier in on premises and in the cloud.
  • It provides transact, and real time plan in one integrated system
  • If fasters the month end close by reducing reconciliation and real time processing.

Enroll for SAP Simple Finance Training with us and learn why company are migrating to Simple Finance? There are few reasons as follows:

Upgrade: After 2 decades SAP has changed their ERP Architecture to transition system from R/3 to S/4 HANA. With any new upgrade there is always new improved functionalities and features in the new product. As  it does make a senesce to use a latest version.

Repports:  As Simple finance Training is powered by SAP S/4 HANA, you get HANA live reports, FIORI Apps and SFIN reports by taking it to a new level.

Speed:  As it is running on HANA database, execution of transactions and querying reports have become significantly faster.

Now lets see what are the interesting facts about SFIN:

  • SAP Simple finance training provides smaller total with data footprint
  • It generates faster and real time analytics and reporting
  • It generates higher throughputs
  • It has got less processing steps
  • It has got extensive workload capacity
  • SAP Simple finance training is open environment via HANA cloud platform.


We are providing the real time materials, 24*7 support towards service for the better future. Enroll today for SAP SIMPLE FINANCE Training for quality service. now lets see what is the architectural overview, roadmap, NetWeaver Business Client NWBC,  what is the current situation of Simple finance, its functionalities.

under sap simple finance training you will see what are the common challenges phased by traditional system and what are the solutions provided by SAP Simple Finance:

    • The first challenge was Slower reporting : with the invention of SAP HANAs in memory capability for proving columnar database and simplified data model which helps to increase the instant insite.
    • The second challenge was time consuming in reconciliation: now there is no need to reconcile total, CO, ML tables , now  all these will be updated automatically in a single item table called as  universal journal table.
    • The third challenge was to reduce high cost of operations:  The SFIN has got greate user experience by providing SAP FIORI and that too it can work on any device with faster approvals.
    • The fourth challenge was the high cost of infrastructure: it has lower the cost of hardware and software licenses using the cloud services applications.


Simple Finance Benefits:

  • SAP Simple Finance Training delivers on a variety of customer demands
  • Continuous Innovation
  • New GL is 9 years old.
  • Non-disruptive upgrade
  • Ease of use
  • Single Source of Truth with Universal Journal
  • Eliminate FI/CO reconciliation
  • Accessibility
  • Business Cockpits
  • Mobile/Tablet access with intuitive user experience
  • Runs faster
  • Real time processes with HANA in-Memory Database
  • Removed totals and indices tables
  • Latest technology trends
  • Analytics with HANA views and Lumira
  • Mobility with Fiori

Simple Finance: Database Footprint Reduction (Both on Premise and Cloud editions)


SAP SIMPLE FINANCE Training Architecture : Universal Journal – Key Points

  • single source of truth
  • Redundant tables removed
  • Non – Disruptive
  • Multiple Views – Single source

Architecture: Universal Journal

  • The new journal entry consists of a header (table BKPF) and the respective items (Table ACDOCA)

-There are rare cases where entries in ACDOCA in written without a Document header

(Eg: Carry forward, corrections in Migration)

-The Corresponding line Items have (‘artificial document numbers’ beginning with letters)

  • Table ACDOCA Contents all fields needed for G/L, CO, AA, ML, PA
  • Multi-GAAP Capability through “RLDNR” Dimensions
  • 6 digit field for line item numbering
  • 23 digits for currency fields

NetWeaver Business Client NWBC

NWBC is a web-based client with different screen layout.

  • Some configuration and transaction steps are moved to NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC).
  • Need NWBC authorization in addition to do configuration and transactions.
  • To start NWBC client, use T-code “NWBC” from SAP GUI Client.


SAP Simple Finance covers the following areas of finance:

  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Accounting and financial close
  • Treasury and financial risk management
  • Collaborative finance operations
  • Enterprise risk and compliance management

Current situation of SAP Simple finance

  • The technical software components of SAP Simple Finance have successfully passed ramp-up and are general available since August, 1st.
  • The software has been released for all Industries with the exception of Joint Venture Accounting for Oil & Gas and Mining.
  • It is localized for all 62 country versions.
  • Released Fiori User Interfaces for GL-, AP- and AR-Accountants plus Cash Managers are localized for 39 of the 62 countries (incl. US, Canada, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico).

Register with Tysco Online Trainings for SAP simple finance training  and see what are the changes have been taken place with introducing of Simple Finance:  Some tables have been removed live index table, total tables etc has been removed, now all these point to the Universal journal table, in short called as ACDOCA. This universal journals single table consist of all the GL, AA, CO and ML details. Profit centre accounting, special purpose ledger consolidation remains the same just like before. And cost based COPA will work as before.  Appendix ledger, in some versions it is called as extension ledger depending upon which simple finance versions you are using. It is the new concept introduced with SFIN version 2.0. so this appendix ledger sits on the top of the base ledger or the leading ledger, usually the leading ledger is 0L. So when you create an appendix ledger you can tag it as the standard ledger or the extension ledger so that you can link to the base leading ledger.

Functionality and benefits of Simple Finance:

  • It is called as single source of truth: which means we will be having one data entry table which is called as universal journal entry table, which contain all th GL, CO, ML, Accet accounting all the information will be stored in one single table.
  • It has got real time process using SAP HANA
  • It has got no data footprint, which means it has got no totals table and no secondary indices which mean reduction of data.
  • As you will get real time result it is more profitable to the organization.
  • Faster reporting which makes it easy to plan and analyse the data.
  • The instant insight, which gives an real time information and makes it faster and simple which of course leads in improving organization productivity.

Deployment options for SFIN

  • Upgrade and migrate.
  • Upgrade, migrate and consolidate.
  • Replicate into central finance system.

Let’s see what are the upgrade paths to Simple Finance:  First of all we need to migrate your database to SAP HANA as SFIN runs on HANA platform. Then you need to install enhancement pack 7 for ERP 6.0, if at all if you are using the older version like 4, 5, 6  you need to upgrade enhancement pack 7 with this only you can actually add-on the simple Finance application.

SAP Simple Finance Training outline:

  • Program Name: SAP Simple Finance Training course
  • Course Duration:  35 Hours
  • Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided
  • Batch Type: Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

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