SAP PM Online Training

SAP PM stands for SAP plant maintenance. the  business administration process maintenance is a support function and often it works as an integral part of production or as customer asset for earning revenue. As an essential to the  business administration, SAP Plant Maintenance certified professionals usually enjoy a lucrative career with high pay-package.

Tysco Online Trainings provides  quality online SAP PM Training for the people eager to pursue this course for exploring their career worldwide. The SAP PM online training by Tysco Online Trainings is coordinated by best SAP qualified professionals who are not only experienced they are known as industry experts with excellent exposure in completion of industry appraised projects in the same domain. Classes are available at every individual level as well as for corporate batches on demand.
SAP PM online training by Tysco Online Trainings is coordinated by best SAP qualified professionals who are not only experienced they are known as industry experts with excellent exposure in completion of industry appraised projects in the same domain. Classes are available at individual level as well as for corporate batches on demand.


  • Attendees should have Knowledge of Basic SAP Navigation



  • Definitions
  • Traditional forms of Organization in Plant Maintenance
  • Planning in Plant Maintenance
  • SAP Plant Maintenance Training Methods
  • Benchmarking in Plant Maintenance based on key performance
  • Modern Plant Maintenance management


  • The PM menu with easy access
  • The business workplace
  • Support Line Feedback as in interface to SAP
  • PM Documentation in the SAP Library


  • Managing Technical Objects
  • Functional Locations and equipment
  • Using other Logistics master data in PM
  • Measuring points and counters
  • SAP PM Training Work Centers
  • Maintenance Task lists and maintenance plans
  • Maintenance Notifications
  • Maintenance Orders


  • Tasks of the PM Technician
  • Tasks of the PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller


  • Tasks of the PM Technician
  • Tasks of the PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller


  • General Integration of MM
  • Integration Production Planning
  • Integration of Quality Management
  • Integration of Project Systems
  • Integration of Investment Management
  • Integration of Controlling
  • Integration of Asset Accounting
  • Integration of Human Resources


  • Interface to process control systems
  • SAP PM Training building control systems
  • Interfaces to CAD systems

What is SAP PM?

The SAP Plant Maintenance comprise of the following activities such as inspection, to measure and establish actual condition of a technical system, preventive maintenance to measure and maintain the ideal condition of a technical system, repair to the measure and restore the ideal condition of a technical system and other measures that need to be taken using maintenance organization.

SAP PM Training is closely integrated with other modules (for example, Materials Management, Production, Sales and Distribution, Personnel Management , and Controlling ) the data is kept current and processes that are necessary for the plant Maintenance and customer  service are automatically triggered in other areas (for example, a purchase requisition for non-stock material in Materials Management/Purchasing area).

SAP PM Training Overview:

SAP Plant Maintenance is an integral part of the company, it provides business with a comprehensive software solution for all business maintenance activities. It enables users with a numerous possibilities that help them to tailoring individual requirements and it has numerous links to other enterprise areas. The independent nature of the SAP system enables to use external systems that are integrated with the PM element, such as computer aided design, geographical information system, control & data acquisitions systems. Sap pm training supports cost efficient maintenance such as preventive maintenance or risk based maintenance.

  • Maintenance is a support function within an organization and Maintenance costs generally constitute a part of production overhead costs except when Maintenance is carried out on asset to earn revenue.
  • Primary objective of Maintenance is to maintaining a high level of availability preventing degeneration and maintaining optimal utilization life of an organization’s physical asset
  • Sap pm training physical asset primarily comprise.
  • Fixed assets such as plant & machinery, buildings & properties, vehicles and so on. Usually such assets have a long useful life (usually >1 year) over which they are depreciated
  • Operating the assets which may not be treated as assets in financial module nor depreciated, but having a long term utilization.
  • High valued current assets such as high valued spares/operating.
  • Supplies/machine parts which are subject to refurbishments with their conditions based values maintained accurately.
  • Sap pm training key performance objectives in maintenance include.
  • Maintaining a high level of EE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
  • Maintaining an optimal balance between costs of breakdown vs. Cost of prevention
  • Utilizing concepts such as TPM, RCM etc. To contribute in lowering operating costs and minimize adverse effects on the equipment, operating resource.

SAP PM Online Training Objectives:

  • Describe the key business processes with EAM.
  • Create and Maintain construction Types, Assemblies, and BOMs.
  • Use Basic Warranty Functions in SAP PM Training.
  • Define when to use serial numbers and equipment types.
  • Implement orders design with multiple operations.
  • Implement guidelines for practice of different SAP Material types.
  • Be able to execute PM order reports using PMIS.
  • Understand when to use components versus objects.

Functions of SAP PM Training Process:

Repair: Measure and restore the stable condition of the system technically, maintenance the organization. Purpose of maintain the process in several levels and it is not necessarily all the implemented system application process in sap pm training. It is possible to repair for many planning stages such cost, working schedules, resource plan and permits the authorisation process. To possible orders & shop papers with minimum value of entries and it is possible to react immediately for the damaged events production will be shut down.
Inspection: Establish the technical system is actual condition of SAP Plant maintenance.
Maintenance preventive: It is measure which is ideal condition for technical system. Main purpose is to maintain the high availability for technical systems of sap pm training. Examples for the plant maintenance production that includes for long term business process.

Organizational Units of SAP PM Training:


An organizational unit serving to subdivide an enterprise according to production, procurement, maintenance & materials planning aspects. It is a place where either material is produced or goods and services provided.

In commercial, organizational, and technical terms, a self-contained unit in an R/3 system with the separate master records and its own set of tables. A client can, for example, be a corporate group.
Company code

The smallest organizational unit for which a complete self-contained set of accounts can be drawn up for purpose of external reporting.
Maintenance plant
The maintenance plant for technical objects is the plant at which it is installed.

Maintenance planning plant

The maintenance planning plant for a technical object is the plant in which the maintenance tasks for object are planned and prepared. Maintenance planner group work at the maintenance planning plant to plant and prepare sap pm training maintenance tasks for the plants that are assigned to the maintenance planning plant.

SAP PM Training – Breakdown Maintenance:

The business process for an immediate repair or breakdown maintenance of sap pm training is characterized by the fact that it is not known the in advance and the resources (work centers, materials, external companies, and so on) cannot be planned.

The process for an immediate repair. Therefore, differs from a planned repair (corrective maintenance) in terms of the ability to plan it. Can only react to malfunctions but not plan them.

The process for a immediate repair could be performed in the following three steps:

  • In step1, the creation of an order (possibly with data about the notification) for damage or a malfunction. This order not planned, but is released immediately for processing and the requirement shop papers may be printed out.
  • In step 2, the processing phase involves withdrawing the spare parts from the warehouse and actually processing the order.
  • After the completing the tasks, the required actual times are confirmed for the completion step 3. Technical completion confirmations about how the damage was processed and the status of the technical system are also entered here. The order is settled by controlling.
  • Sap pm training breakdown order can be created directly without any previous requisitions note.
  • In the first operation, the malfunction to be corrected is broadly described. However, the breakdown order can also be created in combination with a maintenance notification, if malfunction data should be stored at this time for later documentation.
  • The order and notification data can be entered on the same screen. The notification can be supplemented and completed at a later time.
  • During breakdown maintenance processing, the breakdown order can be created with a malfunction report. The notification areas malfunction data, damage, and notification dates.
  • This provides the flexibility to enter important order and malfunction data on a single screen.
  • Sap pm training function put in process releases the order, prints the required order papers, and saves the order.
  • Can execute the following activities after releasing the order.

Withdraw material
Book goods receipts
Enter time confirmations

  • In most cases, breakdown maintenance involves one order with only one operation. For this reason, use the individual entry function for time confirmation. Here enter the actual time directly on the detail screen for the operation confirmation.
  • If confirmation were entered for the operations of a maintenance order, the sap pm training system automatically sets the status PCNF (partially confirmed) for the operations of CNF if the final confirmation indicator was set and the operation was therefore reported as being finished.
  • As soon as all operations for a maintenance order have been completely confirmed, the order (at header level) is assigned the status CNF (Confirmed).
  • There is always a risk of completion confirmations being assigned to the wrong operations or entered with the wrong data.
  • Sap pm training system therefore allows reversing completion confirmations if required.
  • Instead of using individual entry, you can use overall completion confirmation function to enter not only the times, but also, for example, material withdrawals or counter readings, on a single screen.
  • The sap plant maintenance order obtains the status technically completed after the maintenance work required for this order has been completed.