SAP MRS Online Training

SAP MRS Training is an add-on to the SAP ECC components. SAP MRS Training provides the resource planner in the various application areas with an intuitive graphical interface that contains information about open demands, the utilization of the resources, and any possible conflicts with the current resource planning. SAP MRS Training planning tools can be integrated with the ECC components including: Plant Maintenance, Service Management, Customer Service, Project Systems, and Human Resources.

SAP MRS Training is done on virtual platform for providing all the participants best insight over the subject matter and course. Tysco Online Trainings conducted SAP MRS training is rendered by best subject matter experts

SAP MRS Training prerequisites:

  • This course is prompt for SAP PLM consultants to upgrade their skills.
  • Should have the knowledge on SAP CRM for better understanding.
  • Also require the knowledge on SAP CRE to get focus on the course.
  • Must and should have SAP FUNCTIONAL knowledge
  • SAP HR people can also learn this course.
  • Sap is retail consultant can also go ahead and can focus on this.
  • Knowledge on sap is retail



  • SAP Multiresource Scheduling (MRS) Overview
  • Scenarios
  • Key Functions
  • Integration Concepts -SAP MRS Training
  • Solution Strengths


  • Field Service
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Project Staffing-SAP MRS Training
  • Workshop Planning / In-house Repair


  • SAP Multiresource Scheduling – At a Glance:
  • SAP MRS is a powerful solution for service-, plant maintenance and project businesses providing
  • SAP MRS runs fully integrated in the SAP System and SAP Processes


  • Main Business Requirements
  • Planning Scenarios
  • Manual Planning
  • Resource Selection
  • Automatic Planning
  • Optimization concepts as a part of SAP MRS Training


  • Qualifications of Employee
  • MRS Planning for Board
  • Integration of Parts Availability Check


  • Overview and Architecture
  • MRS Scenario Overview
  • General MRS Architecture
  • Key Functions


  • Scheduler Workplace:
  • Scheduler Workplace – SAP GUI
  • Scheduler Workplace – WebGantt Chart
  • Scheduler Workplace – Features ½
  • Scheduler Workplace – Features 2/2
  • Qualifications
  • Ranking List
  • Material Availability
  • 3rd Party Resources
  • Alert Monitor
  • Tools Concepts as a part of SAP MRS Training
  • Teams
  • Map & Guide Integration
  • Planning Board Map Layout
  • Pager/Email/SMS/CTI Integration
  • Clocking Data Integration
  • Configurability of Scheduler Workplace


  • Appointment Offering
  • Appointment Booking concepts – SAP MRS Training


  • Application Use Cases for MRS Optimizer
  • Optimization Strategies
  • Relevant Data for Optimizer
  • Example: Optimizer Results or Display of Map
  • Additional features-SAP MRS Training
  • Automatic Planning with MRS


  • Process Overview Scheduling on work center level with MRS
  • Scheduling on work center level Functional Overview
  • Additional features-SAP MRS Training
  • Functions in Demand Gantt chart


  • ERP Project System Integration
  • PS Integration – Demand Creation for Resource Planning Nodes

Lean Web User Interface-SAP MRS Training

  • Web-based Resource Management
  • Web-based Resource Management Request Creation
  • Web-based Resource Management Create Request : Header and Role Information
  • Web-based Resource Management Resource Manager View
  • Copy Functionality for Web Request including Assignments
  • Confidentiality of Demands
  • Confidentiality of Resources
  • cPro – Suitable Resource Search with Calendar Display


  • Integration with SAP HCM
  • MRS Qualification Object
  • Employee Profile Concepts – SAP MRS Training
  • Integration with HCM Time Management


  • Additional Information
  • Deployment Options 1/3 concepts – SAP MRS Training
  • Deployment Options 2/3 – Multi Backend
  • Deployment Options 3/3 – CRM Integration
  • The MRS integration with SAP Project Systems
  • The MRS integration with SAP Plant Maintenance / Customer Service (PM/CS)
  • The MRS integration with SAP HCM
  • The MRS integration with SAP CRM


  • The Automatic Planning
  • The MRS Optimization Concepts – SAP MRS Training
  • The Work Center Scheduling
  • Enhancements for Work Center Scheduling
  • Web-based Resource Management for Professional Services Industry

SAP MRS Overview:

Following section provides you the basic overview, more we will come across SAP MRS Training
SAP MRS stands for multi-resource scheduling and planning. SAP MRS is a component of SAP ERP application and allows enterprises effortlessly manage high-volume resources and supports operations and maintain strategy. SAP MRS offers state-of-art features and functionalities which makes SAP MRS must-have for service industries. SAP MRS is an add-on to the SAP ECC components. MRS provides the resource planner in various application areas with an intuitive graphical interface that contains information about open demands, the utilization of resources, and any possible conflicts with the current resource planning.

Objectives for SAP MRS:

  • Listed below are few key objectives of SAP MRS, more you will discover as a part of SAP MRS Training
  • It Increase and maintain high level of utilization.
  • Concentrates on customer satisfaction
  • Maintain and increase the transparency of resource utilization regions or countries.
  • Help to improve accuracy of skill forecast.
  • Offer more efficient resource request handling performances
  • Te increases revenue and profitability.
  • Improve average time to fill an open resource request
  • Improve response rate to cross regional resource requests.
  • Reduce forecast deviation for skill area.
  • Improve ratio requests per resource manager.

The Main Features of MRS:

  • It focuses on an overview of your current planning status
  • It includes scheduled requests
  • It includes resource utilization
  • It concentrates on open work lists
  • It Use a graphical planning board
  • SAP MRS is supported by an alert monitor, to interactively dispatch open service requests to your available resources
  • Use an optimization engine to automatically create an optimized schedule
  • It Determine your overall request status, explore more by joining SAP MRS Training
  • It also Support your field service efficiency
  • It makes you Understand your resource utilization
  • It will take advantage of analytics
  • Using analytics reduces the commute times by integrating Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Make use of mobile connectivity to update the requests for your field service personnel

Importance of SAP Multiresource Scheduling?

By joining for SAP MRS Training you will learn how you need to schedule the right people & equipment for the right job at the right time. The resource scheduling software can help you to stay profitable & keep customers happy. It has the following important features:

  • It optimize the resource planning, scheduling, & allocation to boost service profitability
  • It also adjust workforce schedules on the fly to keep up with changes in demand
  • It get an real-time, up-to-date view of planning activities via the intuitive dashboards
  • It accelerate field service delivery using the mobile scheduling apps
  • It maximize the employee & asset productivity & shrink downtime
  • It also Provide high quality work by the most qualified people, at the convenient times for customers
  • It Improves customer satisfaction & consistently meet service-level agreements

Important functions of SAP MRS:

  • Capacity Management
  • Scheduling &Dispatching on the work center level
  • Level capacity by re-scheduling with the consideration of relationships
  • Add resources; capacity based on the work center or people data
  • Work load at the group level
  • Planned & unplanned orders
  • Employee availability (Planned working time, absences and attendances)
  • Skill & Qualification Management
  • Integration with the SAP HR and MRS qualifications
  • Requirements profiles, employee qualifications-SAP MRS Training
  • Integration with the HR Time Management
  • The Bi-directional interface with SAP HR (absences, attendances, substitutions)
  • Shift Information from the SAP HCM
  • The Graphical Planning Board
  • Powerful SAP GUI based on Planning Board
  • The Lean Web UI based Planning Board
  • Optimization
  • Optimizer engine creates daily schedule based on cost parameters

SAP MRS Training outline:

  • Course Name: SAP MRS Training course
  • Duration : 35 Hours
  • Mode of Training : Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings : According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided
  • Batch : Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material in form of PDF OT WORD
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements Good Internet Speed, Headset

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