SAP JVA Online Training

SAP JVA stands for Joint Venture Accounting. By this SAP training participants are given detail insight in the course content. Tysco Online Trainings offers industry allied SAP JVA training for achieving success in gaining Certification in SAP JVA module and to gain expertise in understanding basics of ventures, about FI, CO, Materials & PS related to JAV, daily by project demonstration for gaining practical insight of the subject learnt, based on the data composed and also due to implementation of the concept of FI, MM, CI, & PS in JVA

Overview on JVA

The joint venture is an arrangement, which is based on the provisions of a joint operating agreement, in which two or more parties agree to work together for a common goal. Joint ventures are common when development or operational activities are capital intensive;  which involve high risk, & possibly long payback periods. The joint venture allows participants to spread the risk by sharing in operational costs. In  Joint venture the partners share revenues in proportion to their investments. The partners also ensure operational efficiency, by contributing their expertise.

The SAP Joint Venture Accounting  is fully integrated with

learn these integration methods as a part of SAP JVA Training

  • SAP Financial Accounting
  • SAP Controlling
  • SAP Asset Management
  • SAP Materials Management
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Plant Maintenance
  • SAP Project System



  • Brief overview on SAP Oil and Gas
  • understanding the fundamental of JVA  and its principles


  • Detail concept of FI for JVA
  • Detail concept of CO for JVA
  • Detail concept of MM for JVA
  • Detail concept of PS for JVA


  • What is Accounting Principles
  • Understanding of the Process
  • Overview on Master data required for JVA
  • How Integration done with other module
  • Details Configuration related to Master data

  • About Posting of Transaction
  • Configuration for the posting
  • Display & Change document posting
  • Brief overview on Operated Accounting
  • Other Transactions
  • Preparation of reports based on the transaction posted


  • Cutback detail process with customization
  • Month End- Processing
  • JV Billing detail process with the customizing


  • Detail discussion on reports related to the JVA


  • Conclusion and discussion

Overview On SAP JVA :

  • SAP joint venture is a business object which is used to identify the type of venture, such as corporate, operated, / non-operated, as well as the partners & their working interests within the joint operation agreement (JOA). An equity group defines the joint venture partners & their interests. In detail you will learn upon enrolling for SAP JVA Training
  • The  joint venture partnership consists of an operating partner , often called as (operator) & one or more non-operating partners who combine monetary  the  personnel resources to share a project’s expenses &  revenues.
  • The operator manages the venture, arranges venture activities, & maintains accounting records.
  • The operator remits venture expenses, collects revenues,& then  distributes these to the partners, according to their ownership shares. SAP JVA is a complete accounting system for joint ventures.


  • By using proven SAP FI-Special Ledger functionality basis, the SAP JVA ensures accurate calculations as well as reporting of venture activities on a venture by venture basis.
  •  The SAP JVA supports joint audit data exchange (JADE) reports, online and in real-time, which means reducing of audit headcount, time, & expense. By expert guidance you will learn more about SAP joint venture accounting in SAP JVA Training.
  •  The SAP JVA ensures full compliance with all standard overhead methods and calculations (US and international).
  •  SAP JVA provides complete drill down capabilities for reporting all ventures, it provides authorization for expenditures tied to JOA’s, it overhead analysis, cutback, & billing.

Importance of SAP JVA

The SAP JVA provides you the solution by allowing you to track venture expenditures on a venture by venture & partner by partner basis.  It allows you to capture all joint venture transactions by using standard SAP functions.  Thus the result is a streamlined workflow & reductions in errors.

SAP Joint Venture Accounting Features:

Following are the few features, while enrolling for SAP JVA Training you will come across more of its features.

  • It provides detailed joint venture data capture in real- time
  • It provides cash calls to and from partners
  • Partner billing for venture expenses & revenues
  • Overhead calculation is provided based on the Joint Operating Agreement
  • It allocates billable & non-billable costs
  • It has multi-currency processing
  • It provides real-time gross, net venture reporting

Allocation Types in SAP JVA:

The in-depth knowledge will be given in the SAP JVA Training.

  • Assessments : while executing an assessment , the expenses booked to various cost elements during the period are aggregated under a special second cost element. The aggregated amount is booked to each receiving cost object.
  • Distributions: while you are executing a distribution, all  the expenses booked to various cost elements during the period are directly allocated, from the sending cost centers to which the expenses were originally booked. The distribution does not make use of the special secondary cost element that are used by assessment.
  • Settlements: This consist of the final allocation of cost from orders or work breakdown structure elements to cost centers, fixed assets, network, materials, sales order defined in the settlement role for the sender.

All the SAP JVA documents have the identifying information as follows:

Enroll for SAP JVA Training and learn how these documents will be helpful to your business.

  • Reference document number – which links the SAP JVA document to original document
  • Reference document line- which l inks the SAP JVA line to original document line
  • Reference activity- This contains the original activity
  • JVA document number – This identifies the document with an unique joint venture number
  • JVA activity- It contains the executable joint venture activity

SAP JVA Benefits:

Following sessions will give you few benefits, to know more of its benefits in details register for SAP JVA Training.

  • It offers an accurate accounting and reporting tool, with real- time information on any partner or venture
  • It has got flexibility to handle business changes – retroactive equity change handling, flexible master data & customizing
  • Full integration with SAP core processes provides:
  • highly automated JVA processing
  • ease of use for users
  • full document drill-down & tracking, historical data and audit trail
  • It provides end to end integrated business process coverage while ensuring:
  • It offers greater efficiency in billing partners by shortening the cash flow cycle
  • It has faster month end closing & financial reporting at lower cost.

After completion of the SAP JVA training from Tysco Online Trainings, you will be able to differentiate  between different ventures and also will be able to create reports . To know more about this online SAP JVA call the help desk today.