SAP IDM 7.2 Online Training

SAP IDM 7.2 Training is purely an administrative area that deals with providing and controlling the access to the rightful users. Identity management 7.2 Online Training protects and saves the information, enables continuity in business and lowers the risks.SAP IDM Training reduces operational risk by eliminating access creep and bringing access provisioning in line with segregation of duties requirements

SAP IDM 7.2 Training is rendered by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for more information for online SAP IDM 7.2 training’and its details.

SAP IDM 7.2 Training Overview:

SAP IDM online Training Customers can upload and download configuration data with updated transport management functionality, rather than having to make manual changes or import scripts. This configuration data originates from the Microsoft Management Console, which configures the Identity Centre tasks and jobs, includes constants, and can optionally include the configuration data of the Virtual Directory Server.

The 7.2 release ships with predefined user interfaces (UIs) for users and administrators These UIs come in the form of guided tasks. A new extension framework also adds to UI enhancements, allowing users to set default values or value checks within the UIs. For flexibility, we also offer a web services API that allows customers to develop their own UIs for special end-user scenarios. The API uses web standards and supports a number of programming languages



  • SAP Net Weaver Identity Center architecture


  • SAP Net Weaver Identity Center database
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle


  • Dispatcher
  • Jobs
  • Job design rules
  • Repositories
  • Identity Store
  • Attribute definitions
  • Entry type definitions
  • Writing data to the identity store
  • Inspecting the IdS (Monitoring)
  • Enable delta
  • Clean-up test data


  • Introduction to the Provisioning
  • Inspect the directory
  • Initiate the directory
  • Case: Provision Sun One
  • Case: Adding AD to provisioning
  • Conditional tasks
  • Audit flags
  • Result handling


  • IC authentication
  • Defining workflow login
  • The “My Profile” task
  • Attribute definitions
  • Task access control
  • Delegated administration
  • The “New user” task
  • Approvals

  • Roles
  • Role & privilege attributes
  • Adding & removing privileges from a job
  • Advanced


  • Sending alerts from IC
  • Send e-mail to approver(s)
  • Recover password
  • Debugging jobs & tasks
  • Job version control
  • Event agent
  • Advanced job scheduling
  • External attributes
  • Accessing deleted attributes
  • Monitoring configuration
  • Workflow configuration


  • Internal attributes (MX_)
  • Details of the “Reset training data” job
  • Encryption
  • Licensing
  • Dispatcher scripts
  • Management console options
  • SQL Server: Adding more database users
  • SQL Server: Configuration options
  • Accessing Active Directory from MDE
  • LDAP basics


SAP IDM 7.2 Training  enables the efficient, secure and compliant execution of business processes, by ensuring that the right access to the right systems at the right time. Consistent across all systems and applications.  Typical user lifecycle challenges are

  • Long time to become productive
  • Enormous costs and efforts
  • Security leaks if employee leaves.

Compliant in SAP IDM:

  • SAP IDM 7.2 Training Provides Compliant identity management across SAP and heterogeneous landscapes in one integrated solution.
  • Standards- based integration creates tightly aligned, loosely coupled solution from complementary components.
  • Gives a consistent view current and historic access rights, approvals and policy violation.

Business Drivers for Identity Management.

Increasing Operational Costs:

  • SAP IDM 7.2 Training Maintenance of multiple sources of identity data.
  • Manual user provisioning by help desk delays on/off boarding and change in position.
  • Labour –intensive, paper –based approval system.
  • Users dependent on help desk response time.

Changing Business Processes:

  • Multi – enterprise fulfilment transactions with increasing partner process participation.
  • Industry – specific user provisioning requirements
  • Inconsistent and informal processes proliferate

Compliance Requirements:

  • No record of who has access to which IT resource
  • SAP IDM 7.2 Training Inability to de-provision user access rights upon termination.
  • Identity and manage business and IT Controls.
  • Provide auditors with complete audit trail
  • Prevention of unauthorized access in multi – enterprise environments

Basic Advantages for SAP IDM 8.0 Training


  • SAP IDM 7.2 Training Central management of user identities
  • Lower cost of administration
  • Standards – based technology platform
  • Leverage SAP NetWeaver management and administration capabilities
  • Rule – driven workflow / approval process


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Governance model for policy management
  • SAP IDM 7.2 Training gives Extensive audit trail, logging and reporting capabilities
  • Integrated with SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Object Access Control (GRC) for end – to – end, compliant, role – based control


  • SAP IDM Online Training Business – driven identity management.
  • Responsive to business changes
  • Standards – based integration with SAP Business Suite.
  • Identity services enable tightly aligned, loosely coupled integration.

SAP IDM TRAINING 7.2 Functionalities:

  • SAP IDM online Training Application / Privilege – Centric : Determination of system access
  • User – Centric : Determination of user privileges
  • Entry data : Current data, historical data, time stamps, modified by, audit flags.
  • SAP IDM online Training Approval data
  • Segregation of duties.
  • Attestation
  • General logs
  • Off the shell reporting tools

Why SAP IDM 7.2..?

  • SAP IDM online Training offers close alignment with business processes.
  • Provides best value for business sponsors
  • Re-uses SAP deployment experience and intellectual properties
  • Integrates with existing identity management infrastructure
  • Combines tight SAP integration with heterogeneous IT
  • Integrated roadmap and “blueprint” with SAP Business Object Access control (GRC)
  • Provides the lowest – risk solution for SAP connectivity.

Advantages for enrolling for SAP IDM 7.2 Training:

  • SAP IDM online Training Gain knowledge about SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.2 features
  • Understand how SAP NetWeaver Identity Management manages users in heterogeneous IT landscapes
  • Learn how to integrate identity management with the business processes within and beyond your enterprise, using identity federation to facilitate joint authentication and single sign-on solutions for a secure identity management solution across company boundaries

SAP IDM 7.2 Training outline:

  • Course Name: SAP IDM 7.2 Training course
  • Duration :  35 Hours
  • Mode of Training : Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings : According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided
  • Batch : Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material in form of PDF OT WORD
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements Good Internet Speed, Headset

SAP IDM Training Overview:

  • SAP IDM TRAINING provides innovative functions that can help companies reduce TCO, increase security, and empower users.
  • The solution includes account provisioning, synchronization, as well as workflow that support self-services and delegated administration.
  • It also includes functions for password management and advanced role management.
  • SAP IDM online Training In addition to general identity management features, SAP takes identity administration to the next level by tying it into the Business Process Platform to help enable Business Network Transformation. „
  • An important part of SAP’s Business Process Platform is the possibility to orchestrate services or Enterprise SOA into composite applications using Business Process Management.
  • SAP IDM TRAINING applications require efficient management of access rights across the SAP Business Suite and heterogeneous environments.
  • SAP NetWeaver Identity Management focuses on making these processes as seamless as possible. „ SAP IDM ONLINE TRAINING Managing authorizations for business transactions requires the sustainable prevention of segregation of duties violations.
  • SAP IDM online Training is integrated with the SAP BusinessObjects Governance, Risk and Compliance solution.
  • This gives customers the possibility to Get Clean, Stay Clean and Stay in Control across SAP Business Suite and heterogeneous applications.
  • SAP IDM online Training gives Integrating external applications with the applications that form the core of your business can be a scary thought. SAP NetWeaver Identity Management delivers the lowest-risk integration with SAP Business Suite.
  • SAP IDM online Training Our goal is to deliver predefined content and wizards based on best practices. SAP is currently setting up a certification program for partners to develop connectors for SAP NetWeaver Identity Management.
  • SAP IDM online Training will create an ecosystem focused on delivering added value. In addition, the IdM infrastructure will be enabled for Web Services.
  • SAP IDM online Training offers third parties, such as other IDM vendors, an opportunity to integrate with the solution and re-use the existing infrastructure.

Usage of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management components:

Virtual Directory Server:

  • SAP IDM online Training Accepts requests from Identity Center.
  • Handles all connection to/from SBOP Access Control through the Web service API exposed by SBOP Access Control.


  • Contains the workflow tasks and necessary jobs that drive the provisioning to SBOP Access Control based on the Provisioning Framework for SAP Systems.
  • SAP IDM online Training delivers Communicates with the Virtual Directory Server using the LDAP protocol.

Usage of SAP BusinessObjects Access Control components:

Compliant User Provisioning (CUP):

  • SAP IDM online Training Provides Web services for compliance checks, status checks, etc.
  • Includes workflow for risk analysis and mitigating controls

Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR)

  • SAP IDM online Training Provides risk analysis services to detect SOD violations and critical permissions
  • Handles CUP-RAR communication via internal Web services