SAP HCI Online Training

SAP Hana Cloud Integration Training Platform Pre-packaged integration content hub in cloud –“Discover, Configure, Manage” and Engineered for Cloud: Multi-tenancy, rolling software updates, horizontal scalability. SAP Hana Cloud Integration in short called as HCI.  The SAP HCI Training Strongly focus on security including data isolation Used by Success Factors, SAP Cloud For Customer, FSN etc.

Tysco Online Trainings offers online SAP HCI Training for individuals and corporate batches. The entire training session are conducted by SAP professionals with real time industry exposure. SAP HCI Online Training not only offers exceptional business insight it helps in enjoying great rewarding career in terms of growth prospect.


TOPIC-1 Content Based on Software Used

  • Hana Could Integration Operation Server (Tenant)
  • Eclipse Standard
  • SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

TOPIC-2 SAP HCI Training Content:

  • Introduction to middle ware tool present
  • Overview to SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)
  • HCI Tools & Environment Setup (Required Tool And Eclipse Setup)
  • HCI Data Integration and Process Integration.
  • Processes in SAP HANA Cloud Integration
  • Prepackaged Integration with WEB UI
  • Working With standard Content and Demo with C4C
  • Advance Settings for HCI (Shared HCI tenant, payload Monitoring).
  • Other HCI Adapters and scenario

Overview on SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI):

In the beginning process where very slow, data creation was very time consuming, integration was something which you can only dream for. As time passed on SAP has come on with a solution which can faster integrate the data and processes, it has come up with an power full module named as “SAP HANA Cloud Integration”, which quickly hold all you data and process together in to a single source of truth. It beneath the real-time process integration.

The SAP HCI – hosted in SAP HANA Cloud & it is offered as a managed service on top of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform – it comes with complete new architecture & deployment options that are designed & are best suited for cloud-cloud as well as for cloud-on-premise integration &process orchestration. As a part of SAP HCI Training you will learn how to process your data more faster in a secure way

Since the integration can be consumed as a service the solution provides a multi-tenant architecture & comprises highest level of security features such as content encryption, signing of messages, encrypted data storage and certificate based authentication.  It contains a run-time core for processing, transformation, & routing of messages, as well as an out-of-the-box connectivity support. The  SAP HANA Cloud Integration will be developed towards an functional rich cloud-based integration platform.

SAP HCI Training Prerequisites :

  • Basic knowledge on SAP PI

About SAP HANA Cloud Integration :

  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration allows you to effectively  and securely use  the ETL tools in order to move the data in between on premises and the cloud.
  • AS a fully hybrid scenario SAP HANA Cloud Integration which interacts with your existing SAP solutions application in the area of people, customer, money and suppliers .
  • It has got the  pre-built  graphical flows in mapping  it also seamlessly  integrates cross application, third party solutions.
  • Managing the change is the key to the survive of  SAP HCI. Now you can integrate the cross cloud applications and on premises applications into a single source of truth.
  • Enroll for SAP HCI Training and learn how the  SAP HCI  integration in more simpler way  along with  the secure and reliable environment
  • In SAP HCI you find a prepackaged integration content which you can use for reference templates which  allows customers to quickly realize new business scenarios. Which  drastically reduces integration project lead times & also lowers resource consumption significantly.

When to use SAP HANA Cloud Integration:

  • Ÿ To focus on cloud strategy
  • Ÿ If you have the need for cloud to cloud integration
  • Ÿ If you have the leading system(s) within the cloud
  • Ÿ When you do not have SAP Process Integration or SAP Data Services on-Premise
  • Ÿ When you do not want to invest into an on-Premise middleware and bear the costs associated with it, such as system set up, maintenance and operations, build up know how etc.
  • Ÿ When you prefer subscription fee based license model
  • Ÿ When you require fast innovation

Architectural Overview of HCI-PI

  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration is a cloud-based solution.  HCI is powered under-the-hood. Now the developers can build integrations in virtualized environments, and  focus on the enterprise integration patterns, implementation challenges, &  leave out the maintenance efforts on the platform. There are many advantages of the platform that might be unfamiliar to integration developers on SAP Process Orchestration.
  • With HANA Cloud Integration you can lower the cost , increase the speed and enhances the simplicity of the customers.
  • SAP HCI can be integrated using the SAP Success Factor (SF), SAP Cloud for customer (C4C) and SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).
  • SAP HCI can also be integrated using on premises , examples of such modules would be SAP ERP CRM, third part on premises applications and third part solutions. join now for SAP HCI Training with us to get the detailed course.
  • SAP HCI provides online integration, data integration, also supports flows in a box whicg is called i-flows in an hci

Capabilities Of SAP HANA Cloud Integration

  • It provides run-time for processing
  • It provides easy data transformation
  • routing of messages
  • Provides diverse connectivity options.
  • The user interface (UI) in SAP HCI is in HTML5-based web UI available which enable to browse & discover standard integration content delivered by SAP, & also Eclipse based tools to create & modify integration artifacts, such integration flows, mappings, connectivity & security settings.

Key benefits include: By enroll for SAP HCI Training you will discover more benefits of SAP HCI, now lets see few of them:

  • It is simple with innovation.
  • Minimal investment
  • It provides bi-directional integration to connect your cloud &  on premises enterprise applications
  • It has gained a unified view of all business data as it has eliminate data entry
  • It simplify & centralize monitoring & management of integrations
  • It speed-up the implementation using the pre-packaged integration content
  • It provides lower TCO with are affordable, pay-as-you-go subscription model & minimal up-front investment
  • The SAP HCI tooling helps in extending existing standard content.
  • It provides better usability and adoption
  • It reduces integration efforts &  risk of compliance

SAP HCI provides on single platform for process and data integration:

  • Here the main objective in process integration is it chains the process steps and it synchronizes the data in the data integration.
  • The integration type is system 2 system which is same for both process and data integration.
  • Coupling to application is done at process level and data level.
  • The unit of data exchange in process integration is single business object and in data integration it is bulk data.
  • The specific requirement of process integrations is: transactional process integrity, reliable and message orchestration. And in data integrationit is: data quality service, complex transformation from multiple data sourses and mass data handling.
  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration is SAP’s middleware in the cloud. It is a cloud based technology , it is a new organically build technology by SAP which has various capability