SAP HANA ABAP Online Training

This Training lays the foundation for seamless SAP applications, functionality for creating powerful business solutions & with a broad range of features. SAP HANA ABAP provides an opportunity to innovate with new and sophisticated technologies. With support package stack for SAP NetWeaver 7.4, SAP has brought ABAP & SAP HANA ABAP Training together with features that enable developers to get the best of both worlds, not only in new custom development projects, but also in their existing applications. As an ABAP_ developer you might ask, what is important & necessary to know concerning ABAP development for SAP HANA ABAP. SAP ABA on HANA online Training is aimed at answer this & other related questions. This tutorial is prepared with best care & latest industry updates.


  • HA100 – SAP ABAP on HANA – Introduction
  • BC400 – ABAP Workbench Foundations
  • BC401 – ABAP Objects
  • Experience in ABAP programming (procedural and object-oriented)Open SQL Details (joins, view, aggregations)
  • HA150 – SQL Basics for HANA is highly recommended
  • BC404 – ABAP Programming in Eclipse is highly recommended



  • Introductions to SAP HANA ABAP
  • Introduction to ABAP on HANA


  • SAP HANA ADT Installation on HANA Studio
  • Overview of HANA studio
  • Overview of ABAP development environment in eclipse
  • Adding system in HANA studio
  • Creating package in HANA Studio
  • Setup environment in eclipse for ABAP development
  • ABAP perspective in SAP HANA
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  • Evolution and architecture
  • Overview for ABAP meets HANA
  • Code to data paradigm
  • If you want more overview, architecture on SAP HANA ABAP enroll SAP ABAP on HANA online training


  • Coding guide line for ABAP On HANA
  • Performance Impact
  • SQL Foot Prints in your productive system
  • Performance Analysis
  • ALV For HANA and Other improvement


  • Open SQL Enhancement
  • Introduction to advance view building in ABAP for HANA
  • Core data service
  • SAP HANA Usage in ABAP
  • ABAP managed database procedure
  • ALV with integrated data access on SAP HANA
  • Core data service with input parameter

Benefits of SAP HANA ABAP

  • Scenario Oriented
  • Materials & server
  • Access For Hands-On
  • Customized  Course Agenda
  • During SAP HANA ABAPABAP Training Online Sessions Hours with Live-Support

Where you can take advantage Detecting of SAP HANA ABAP

find how you can improve your ABAP performance based on the new platform there will be new tools available to help you. To loop statements with inner join based select statements honest a lot a lot of the performance possibilities & come from using techniques you should already be using such as replacing nested select.

If you think about it this makes sense, HANA is an in memory database application so pushing as much processing to the database as possible will allow it to do what it does best selecting the data. As it is so fast you will get it in super quick time & just have to ask for the specific data you want and. you do the select you want just to hit another key field on that table before no more getting data you don’t need from other tables. As well as these the possibilities available in this area and improve your general SQL knowledge on this you could check out some of existing techniques. SAP HANA ABAP is going to allow more standard open SQL statements so until you get your hands.

HANA Modeling

Another technique that it sounds like will be available to kind of model a select to include the actual data selects which allows you to the developer is HANA Modeling & other calculations. Then within you ABAP code you would just do the select from the model. So instead of writing ABAP to select data from a table & totaling you could perform some of this within the model using sequel script & then loop around this data to perform further processing. This HANA database which will be able to get the data again moves some or all of the actual processing to, only return what you actually want & processing it faster.

Features of SAP HANA ABAP

The main features of SAP HANA ABAP are given below:

  • To process huge amount of real time data SAP HANA ABAP is a combination of software & hardware innovation.
  • In distributed system environment based on multi core architecture.
  • Data-storage in database based on type of row & column.
  • Analyze massive amount of real time data &Used extensively in Memory Computing Engine (IMCE) to process.
  • It reduces cost of ownership, increases application performance & enables new applications to run on real time environment that were not possible before.
  • Operating System Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1/2c, it is written in C++, supports & runs on only one.

SAP HANA ABAP Training Features & benefits:

  • Extensive ABAP, Java & HANA instances monitoring
  • 24/7 real-time surveillance & daily reports
  • Usage analysis for capacity planning
  • Ready-to-use monitoring library
  • Simple & flexible configuration interface


  • Quickly identify problems – even in large SAP landscapes
  • Prevent downtime & ensure SLA compliance
  • Continually improve SAP performance and response times
  • Gain of productivity by automating monitoring tasks
  • Can be used by non-SAP experts


  • SAP HANA ABAP on the stack is available from Netweaver 7.4 of the performance improvements for HANA & ABAP will allow your standard ABAP code to take advantage.
  • Have access to this & be able to harness the power of HANA, applications such as BW will also access.
  • Out of there also standard improvements, functionality such as ALV for box.
  • Note you do not have to do this in-order to go to Netweaver 7.4 but In-order to take advantage of this functionality you need to upgrade your databases to SAP HANA, & beyond.
  • Using in the process of coding SAP R/3Programming ABAP is a programming language & SAP Advanced Business Application.
  • Without the need to transform data on SAP HANA ABAP can perform business, the original data in the main memory calculations directly.
  • When using ABAP 7.4 the ABAP Data Dictionary can be imported to these views.
  • The efficiency by introducing participants to numerous tools & objective of the course is to increase the productivity & techniques available in SAP ABAP.
  • SAP ABAP on HANA training teaches how to analyze the performance of ABAP coding & how to detect and which features AS ABAP provides for database-oriented programming.
  • With a broad range of features and functionality for creating powerful business solutions, ABAP lays the foundation for countless SAP applications.
  • SAP HANA ABAP provides the sophisticated technologies & opportunity to innovate with new.
  • With support package stack (SPS) 05 for SAP NetWeaver 7.4, SAP has brought ABAP and SAP HANA ABAP together not only in new custom development projects ,with features that enable developers to leverage the best of both worlds, but also in their existing applications.
  • All the features discussed which provide many productivity features that can help developers in their daily development work, can be easily explored using the Eclipse-based ABAP development tools for SAP NetWeaver (known as ABAP in Eclipse).

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