SAP GRC Online Training

SAP GRC Training Course covering all processes and components of the SAP solution for implementing governance, the Risk, and Compliance within the system. The expert online professional course offers all its participants excellent business insight to develop the Process Control, the Access Control and the Risk Management on one of the most interactive virtual platform. . Then explore the different phases of SAP GRC risk management to monitor the financial and legal risks.

Tysco Online Trainings tutors are extremely qualified and expert in their designated area of teaching.and this online professional course is available for corporate batched also. Course fee is reasonable &  classes are arranged in flexi hours. SAP GRC Training for professionals willing to explore their career in SAP. Call the help desk for more info. We do provide training for the version SAP GRC 10 Training, SAP GRC 10.1 Training



  • Introduction to SAP Access Control 10.0
  • Access Control 10.0 Overview
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Transporting Objects
  • User Interface Overview
  • Identity Management Integration
  • Managing Compliance with Access Control 10.0
  • Segregation of Duties Risk Management Process
  • Information Architecture, Security, and Authorizations


  • Analyze and Manage Risk
  • Shared Master Data
  • Configuration and Rule Set Maintenance
  • Risk Analysis Framework
  • System-Specific Mitigation
  • Mass Mitigation


  • Emergency Access Management
  • Emergency Access Management Overview
  • Centralized Fire fighting
  • Plan for Emergency Access
  • Monitor Emergency Access


  • Reporting
  • Reporting Framework
  • Change Existing Reports

  • Provision and Manage Users
  • Plan for User Access
  • Plan for Human Resources Integration
  • Define User Provisioning
  • Design End User Personalization Forms
  • Request Approval
  • Periodic Access Review Process
  • Plan Periodic Review
  • Review Access Risk (SoD Review)
  • Monitor User Access
  • Monitor Role Access
  • Business Rule Framework (BRF)
  • Define workflow related Multi-Stage Multi-Path Workflow Rules
  • Define business rules using the BRF Workbench
  • Create BRF plus rules


  • Design and Manage Roles
  • Configure Role Management
  • Configure Role Methodology
  • Plan for Technical Role Definition
  • Plan for Business Role Definition
  • Consolidate Roles through Role Mining
  • Mass Manage Roles


  • Add Custom Fields to Access Requests and Roles
  • Access Control Implementation Process
  • Implementation Process Overview
  • Designing the Access Control Solution
  • Upgrade and Migration

SAP GRC Training Overview:

  • SAP GRC Process Control provides an central repository of a control, self-assessment, automated process management workflow & a configurable controls testing & a real-time exception reporting on.
  • SAP GRC Access Control online training govern sensitive access & a segregation of essential functions & a SAP Access Control supports processes & audit records that track who has access, who officially agree access, when access was granted, & if the access assignments are still required., & providing consistent access.SAP Access Control is designed to bridge the gap between obtaining the technical definitions of system
    authorisation & facilitating the process of associating the correct system of a entitlement with the appropriate user.SAP Access Control includes the following five modules to accomplish this automation.
  • Access Request Process
  • User, Role, & Risk Certification
  • Risk Analysis & Remediati
  • Business Role Management
  • Emergency Access Management. SAP Access Controlis knowingly built as a stand-alone solution to support integrated compliance and access provisioning for SAP ERP systems.
  • SAP GRC Global Trade Services demonstrate the import & export compliance , customs electronic and sanctioned party list screening in a context of global trade repository.

SAP GRC Training Components:

  • Access Control
  • Risk Management
  • Process Control

SAP GRC Training  – Access Control:

It has four modules:

  • ARA: access risk analysis helps you to access the risk before the risk actually happens.
  • EAM: It is previously called as super user privilege management Emergency access management in latest version which is GRC 10.1.the emergency access management if we have to do a certain activity for example in a month end activity we need to perform which is outside our daily activities so we can do that particular transaction we can use a particular transaction in very controlled and auditable in using emergency access management
  • ARM: Which is Access Request Management is the module which helps the user create the workflows inside the system itself
  • BRM: Which is Business Role Management is helps to creating the roles in the system

SAP GRC Training – Risk Management:

  • Risk management viewed as a compliance exercise
  • Siloed risk management processes, leading to duplicate efforts among business units
  • Inconsistent processes and unclear roles and responsibilities, leading to gaps in risk activities
  • Risk management that is not anchored in sound enterprise-wide technology systems, leading to inefficiency and increased costs
  • Risk management programs that fall short by stopping at risk assessments, standalone programs, or conceptual frameworks
  • Risk management disconnected from business objectives and, consequently, performance management
  • Identify and assess risks and opportunities, determine a response strategy, and monitor progress.

SAP GRC Training – Process Control:

  • SAP GRC Process Control (Process Control) is a solution for internal controls management that enables members of audit and internal controls teams to gain better visibility into key business processes and ensure a high level of reliability in financial statement reporting.
  • SAP GRC Process Controls is a tool designed to enable organisations have a continuous view over their key compliance activities across all business processes to ensure a high level of compliance to internal controls.
  • The tool serves as a central repository to the control framework.
  • Within the PC tool it is also possible to alert control owners when controls need to be tested, store testing and sign-off evidence, create and delegate remediation plans, and keep an audit trail of changes to controls.
  • PC runs on the SAP Netweaver platform but interfaces with back-end SAP systems as well as other Netweaver solutions.

Benefits of SAP GRC Training :

  • Provides for an end-to-end management of the organisation’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework
  • Offers an integrated and holistic approach to organisation-wide Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Ensures that the organisation acts ethically correct and in accordance with its risk appetite, internal policies and external regulations through alignment of strategy, processes, technology and people
  • Improves visibility of risks which enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the entity’s GRC initiatives
  • Reduce the cost and effort of managing GRC initiatives with SAP GRC solutions
  • Helps the organisation embed risk and compliance activities into strategy, planning, and execution
  • Ensures that organisations continuously improve performance by accounting for risk
  • Helps protect revenue streams, shareholder value and brand reputation
  • Helps the organisation to standardise on common GRC content and rules based on global best practices
  • Delivers transparency for balanced global risk profile
  • Automates and embeds GRC processes in business processes promoting a culture which values effective GRC content, as well as automate key risk indicator monitoring within SAP and heterogeneous systems

SAP GRC Training outline:

  • Course Name: SAP GRC Training course
  • Duration :  35 Hours
  • Mode of Training : Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings : According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided during SAP GRC Training
  • Batch : Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material in form of PDF OT WORD
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements Good Internet Speed, Headset

Advantages upon enrolling for SAP GRC Training

  • We are the best online SAP GRC training providers, we just don’t teach you the technology rather we make you understand with live examples
  • Sessions we conduct are interactive and informative
  • we will give assurance for back-up sessions.
  • The timings will be according to the candidate feasibility.
  • As our trainers are real time experts they will help you in giving training  at very high level for real time projects.
  • At the end of the session we will discuss regarding the interview questions which will help you out in cracking the interviews.
  • Our Consultant will help you in preparing the resume and certifications.
  • Global Team will be in switch on mode for 24/7 and will solve any issues regarding the training, timings, trainer or server.