SAP FMS Online Training

SAP FMS Training enables vertical fashion companies to manage their business processes across one large data system landscape and companies in the fashion industry to use the power of in-memory computing to analyze large data volumes.SAP Fashion Management Solution Training  provides Flexible data processing,  Segmentation,  Multichannel planning,  ATP with segmentation, Season management, Characteristic value conversion, Value added services (VAS), Order allocation run. SAP FMS Training is based on the SAP components SAP MM, Sales and Distribution (SD), and Logistics – General (LO).


The fashion world is constantly changing, which means that you must continuously invest to stay competitive. One should know which is the highest priority areas for investment? What are the tools that help to shorten the time from concept to customer, boost collaboration across supply chain, by offer end-to-end visibility, flexibility, speed, & verticalization. Register with us for SAP FMS Training and see how SAP has come up with an solutions which can help you achieve these objectives while reducing the overall  IT costs & promoting  your future growth.

With the invention of SAP FMS, it has made a commitment to help fashion companies in terms:

  • To become brands that stands out in the crowd
  • To drive efficiencies in their global operations
  • To be recognized as market leaders.

SAP plays an  important role in helping you execute your strategic growth priorities, such as – global e-commerce, multi channel opportunities, & store expansion while delivering engaging customer experiences. As it has got robust, vertically integrated solution.

The SAP Fashion Management Solution helps you

  • To achieve rapid wholesale & retail global expansion with support for multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple tax regimes, & multiple import /export requirements.
  • Globally command & control the single stock holding across all the channels using an real-time supply & demand picture that drives for better decisions
  • It Deliver a consistent customer experience with an unified solution that supports all channels
  • It Improve inventory efficiency with an single global inventory holding for all retail, wholesale, and e-commerce channels
  • It also increase operational efficiency with common processes that share a single set of master & transaction data across all channels

The traditional business models are now expanding with SAP.  The vertical fashion solution  is vital for business growth.  In order to get the value of vertical integration of common processes on a shared inventory,  an vertical fashion solution is must in order to support and optimize multiple channels like manufacturing, wholesale and retailers.

This solution aims to bring all business operations under single platform powered by SAP HANA to help enable faster fashion &  grow an adaptable global business while helping increase revenues, margin & efficiency.

Now its new opportunity for vertical fashion business with the invention of SAP FMS Training:

  • The FMS brings all active AFA process onto an SAP retail base by giving one single ERP.
  • The Fashion Management Solution now offers a game changing process using SAP’s high end performance technology calle”HAAN”.
  • With this the vertical fashion process can be fundamentally redesigned.
  • SAP FMS , As AFS system will be no longer available in future because the AFS does not support HANA.

Significant benefits of SAP Fashion Management Solution:

  • It lower the TCO from a single ERP platform for growing a more flexible and efficient vertically run business.
  • It provides a consistent customer experience with a unified solution which supports all channels.
  • It provides optimal cross channel allocation methods right from planning through execution.
  • It also provides one sourse of product master data across all parts of your enterprise.
  • It offers a single transparent shared global inventory.
  • It supports common master data concepts.
  • The multi channel enabled ATP
  • The order allocation handling the shortages and their priorities.
  • And much more..

The SAP FMS high level Architecture overview:

  • SAP FMS Training on HANA: provides vertical harmonized & optimized fashion processes.
  • SAP Retail on HANA: it provides optimized retail fashion process on HANA.
  • SAP ERP on HANA: supports optimized standards process on HANA.



  • Organizational Structures
  • Hierarchies
  • Business Partner
  • Sites
  • Article Dimensions
  • Seasonality
  • Articles & article-related features
  • Assortments
  • Segmentation


  • Source of Supply Determination
  • Purchase Order Handling


  • Sales Order Handling
  • Rescheduling



  • Inbound Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Invoice Verification


  • Order Allocation
  • Outboard Processing


  • Pricing Basics
  • Retail Pricing
  • Mark Downs


  • Promotion
  • Replenishment


  • Value-Added Service (VAS)
  • Purchase to Order
  • Third-Party Order (Wholesale)
  • Consignment (Wholesale)
  • Rush Order (Wholesale)
  • Fashion Contract (Wholesale)
  • Business to Customer (B2C)
  • Stock Protection
  • Collective PO & Merchandise Distribution

SAP FMS Training Overview :

The Fashion Management Solution (FMS) from SAP, has been enabled for HANA integration, which fulfills the business requirements of vertically integrated retailers. The SAP Fashion Management Solution supports all the retail sub-industries – from grocery, to chain drug, to hard goods to, apparel. Enroll at Tysco Online Trainings for SAP FMS Training and learn how your organization can be benefited by implementation of  SAP FMS.

The fashion collection by SAP has been developed with fashion brands for fashion brands. The fashion collection by SAP is a single versatile set of solution that fits every aspect of modern type of retailers perfectly.

SAP Fashion Management Solution in short called as SAP FMS. It is an vertically integrated process .It provides all the retailers with an single & simple tool suite to manage their vertically-integrated processes.   Currently, many retailers manage their vertical companies as an complete separate entities with separate business processes, data, measurements &  systems. With the invention of the SAP FMS it has provided  an integrated solution that brings the operations for vertical companies into one single system. This solution enables all the  companies to manage their business processes across one data system landscape, not only this It also enables companies to use the power of in-memory computing to analyze large volumes of data for a faster and accurate performance.  As a result, SAP’s Fashion Management Solution (FMS) drives greater efficiency, quicker time to market and better inventory control.

The Core Concepts of SAP FMS Training:

  • Fashion Product: The fashion products with up to three (3) dimensions such as size, colour, or drop can be managed effectively with SAP FMS through the entire process.
  • Season, collection and Theme : All the process are now collected y season, colloction and theme. Each fashion product is now designed to one or multiple seasons and the season master data determines the purchasing and sales period of the product. Then the purchasining & sales documents will carry the seasons info & also inventory can be split by season if they desire.
  • Demand and Supply segementation: The segmentation in FMS offers the possibility to categorize demand as well as supply based on logical physical aspects of an product. The quality & country of origin are most typical physical aspects which require segmentation.
  • Value added services: It respect additional services to a fashion product on the way from production to sales. Where a vendor will charge a separate cost for a service say for suppose labeling or ticketing.
  • Structured Articles & Non production BOMS: here products in fashion are often packed together for multiple purposes. The different types of structured articles are used for various use cases which are supported in FMS like, prepacks, displays, and sets,

Register  with us for SAP FMS Training and see how SAP’s Fashion Management Solution will help your fashion brands grow into an adaptable global business while helping  you to increase your  revenues, margin & efficiency.

Online SAP FMS  Training Course objectives

  • Full idea and value plan of SAP FMS
  • SAP FMS end to end training
  • Overview of the SAP Fashion management overview
  • Future training road map of SAP FMS

SAP Fashion Management Solution Course Agenda:

  • Fashion management solution outlook & road map
  • Fashion management solution core topics
  • FMS course overview
  • Requirements for job, certification

SAP FMS Training Overview:

  • SAP FMS – Master data
  • SAP FMS – segmentation
  • SAP FMS – planning
  • SAP FMS – sales
  • SAP FMS – order allocation & outbound del
  • SAP FMS – purchase
  • SAP FMS – inventory management
  • SAP FMS – Special Functions
  • SAP FMS – outbound