SAP File Lifecycle Management Online Training

SAP File Lifecycle Management Training enables our customers to achieve a digitized file management in their organization. It encompasses file creation, tracking, noting, movement, review & approval processes. With its simplified configuration, the solution provides easy modeling & implementation, in addition to providing protection & security for your files. municipal bodies, Public sector companies &  other large organizations will execute projects after seeking reviews & approvals from various experts.  Get Register for FLCM 7.31 online course at Tysco Online Trainings. The course will be delivered from subject experts through online and we also offers standard material & server access at reasonable cost.

SAP File LifeCycle Management Training Prerequisites:

  • SAP DMS & SAP File lifecycle management
  • SAP lifecycle management functionalities
  • organization & tracking documents through logical folders
  • Noting with unique numbering, provides record of reviews
  • Automated File Processing

Overview of SAP File LifeCycle Management Training:

SAP File Lifecycle Management Training solution, the latest offer from SAP  localization portfolio for India, enables an organization to manage all the processes that related to files, in a digitized manner. With its simplifi ed confi guration, the solution provides for easy modeling & implementation

SAP File Lifecycle Management solution supports the private & public sector organizations in this file automation is to manage the lifecycle of a file. The files that are created for a specific purpose, pass through several stakeholders in the organization who recommend, review, approve or reject the plan that the file represents. Supporting the transparency requirements of such a process, this solution offers you the provision to include comments, upload relevant documents & refer the file to your colleagues, through a secured approval process.

FEATURES of SAP File LifeCycle Management Training:

  • Automated File Processing enables inter & intra departmental file movement
  • Workflow enables user to move the files between approvers through SAP Organization Management
  • Noting with unique numbering, provides record of reviews
  • Document Management organizes & tracks documents through logical folders
  • SAP File Lifecycle Management is also available in Hindi, enabling access to a larger consumer base
  • Intuitive configuration enables faster implementation

Benifits of SAP File Lifecycle Management Training:

  • Transparency in administration
  • Work prioritization
  • Faster decision making
  • Increased efficiency & productivity
  • Mechanism for experience & information sharing
  • Easy interdepartmental communication
  • Eff ective tracking & tracing with Alerts and Notifi cations

Roles in SAP File Lifecycle Management Training:

The features that are available to depend on the role of defined for the SAP File Lifecycle Management Training user interface. The features that are available for a role as per the configurations set for the organization.

The standard system provides the following roles:

  • Administrator:

 As an administrator of the SAP File Lifecycle Management user interface, you would need to activate the file type or create a files for the department. On your user interface screen, these would be the options visible to you.

  • Officer:

As an officer, you might be required to review files, enter your notings about the file activity under review, correspond with other reviewers & recommend whether it is okay to approve the file, or to indicate that it needs to be put on the hold until further analysis is possible. You might also ask your assistant to enter the notings on your behalf. At the times, you might wish to view closed files or files in the file cabinet. On your user interface screen, these would be the options visible to you.

  • Dispatch Clerk:

As the user responsible for all posts & mails coming into the department or the company, you scan all daaks & dispatch the same to relevant users using the SAP File Lifecycle Management user interface