SAP EWM Online Training

SAP EWM Training denotes Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and online training on SAP EWM has earned extreme popularity these days. Tysco Online Trainings offers best & unique quality SAP EWM Training for professionals keen to work in goods movement and warehouse stick management domain in SAP environment. After the Successful completion of the SAP EWM training online will empower all participants to get certification in the SAP Extension Warehouse Management, which in turn is helpful for developing expertise in planned and efficient processing of entire logistics process within a predefined warehouse complex.

Online SAP EWM Training will help you in gaining extra keen business insight in the SAP warehouse management. The SAP EWM Training is conducted by best real time consultant, which is one of the USPs of this SAP module conducted by Tysco Online Trainings. Call the Help desk today for more details about SAP EWM Training.



  • Differentiating the SAP Solutions for Warehouse Management
  • Outlining Organizational Structures
  • Maintaining Master Data for SAP EWM


  • Processing Goods Received
  • Processing Goods for Shipping


  • Managing the Warehouse
  • Outlining the Radio Frequency (RF) Framework


  • Applying Storage Control
  • Employing Serial Numbers
  • Processing Batches
  • Mapping Quality Inspection Processes
  • Applying Value-Added Services


  • Performing Slotting
  • Applying Replenishment Methods
  • Performing a Physical Inventory


  • Applying Wave Management
  • Applying Labor Management
  • Executing the Production Supply Process
  • Executing Expected Goods Receipts Processes
  • Applying Cross Docking


  • Planning the Shipping and Receiving of Products
  • Controlling the Material Flow System (MFS)


  • Labor Management overview
  • Master data in Labor Management , i.e Processor , Formula &  a Condition Editor
  • Configuration settings for LM
  • Indirect Labor
  • Engineered Labor Standards
  • Planned and Executed workload


  • Configuration settings for the RFID
  • RFID process in GR and GI process
  • Auctions in RFID:
  • Automatic Loading & Unloading with RFID
  • Automatic Packing with RFID
  • RFID with the Resources


  • Outlining the Basics of EWM

  • Setting Up the Integration Between SAP ERP and SAP EWM
  • Setting Up Delivery Document Integration


  • Creating Structural Elements in EWM
  • Creating Storage Bins
  • Creating Work Centers
  • Transfering Master Data from ERP to EWM using the APO Core Interface
  • Creating Warehouse Product Master Data
  • Creating Packaging Specifications


  • Applying Warehouse Process Types


  • Outlining Goods Receipt Processes in EWM
  • Setting Up Availability Groups for Inventory Management (IM)
  • Configuring Direct Putaway
  • Applying Putaway Rules
  • Checking Capacities


  • Outlining the Goods Issue Process in EWM
  • Applying the Stock Removal Strategies
  • Configuring Pick Denials
  • Processing Batch Managed Products in EWM
  • Combining Items in Waves
  • Implementing Two-Step Picking


  • Outlining Storage Control
  • Configuring Process-Oriented Storage Control
  • Configuring Layout-Oriented Storage Control


  • Creating Warehouse Orders


  • VAS order
  • GR process with VAS order
  • GI process with a VAS order
  • Warehouse internal process with  a VAS order


  • Staging Area/ Door/li>
  • Door Assignment
  • Check Point
  • Check in and Check out of operations
  • TU /Vehicle Overview
  • GI At TU Level


  • Structure of a MFS’s
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • MFS in the Easy Graphics Framework
  • Resource
  • MFS in a Warehouse management monitor
  • Exception handling


  • Outlining the Post Processing Framework
  • Applying the Post Processing Framework in Delivery Processing

About SAP EWM Training Overview:

  • SAP EWM is the latest warehouse management system which is released by SAP & it  has been designed to play the leading role in warehouse management software.
  • SAP Extension Warehouse Management Training is a part of SAP supply chain management suite of solution.
  • The extended warehouse management product is an integrated software platform for flexible, automated support for processing goods movements and for managing inventory in the warehouse.
  • It gives the firm the ability to control warehouse processes and manage movements in the warehouse, mitigate problems and issues with enhanced warehouse efficiency, and transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its recourses.
  • SAP Extension Warehouse Management Training is similar to SAP WM functionality, but with more flexibility in building objects like warehouse structure, picking, put away, HU,RF and much more.
  • And the new part which are introduced as apart of SAP EWM are the activity area, work centers and resources are the elements incorporated into SAP EWM that are new additions in SAP WM.
  • SAP EWM is not so much a replacement for WM, but rather a more robust alternative.
  • Like SAP WM, SAP EWM is a part of SAP SCM and supports all the processes within the logistics chain.
  • Learn at SAP EWM Training, how to simplify the complex logistic with the introducing of SAP Extension Warehouse Management training, with this your organization can gain the ultimate visible control.

SAP EWM Training Prerequisites:

  • Should have basic knowledge on SAPSCM SAP Supply Chain of Management Solution Overview
  • EWM100 Extended Warehouse of Management Processes
  • SCM610 Delivery Processes
  • SCM210 Core of Interface APO

SAP EWM Training Highlights:

• Overview of the SAPSCM SAP Supply Chain Management Solution
• EWM100 Extended Warehouse Management Process
• SCM610 Delivery Process
• SCM210 Core Interface APO

SAP EWM Solution Highlights:

  • Powerful warehouse analytics and monitoring
  • Advanced warehouse optimization
  • High performance warehouse execution
  • Built in material Flow System technology
  • Deep integration with SAP Business Suite
  • Comprehensive mobile offering for warehousing
  • Industry-specific process support

What is the importance of SAP EWM Training :

  • It provides logistics cost reduction
  • To build a new DC
  • Flexibility and optimization
  • It reduce the TCO and complexity of bespoke wm system.
  • Increase the speed
  • To establish best practice and to drive continuous improvement.

Benefits of SAP EWM Training:

  • It increases the warehouse productivity
  • Increase in accuracy
  • It reduces the cost
  • Provides grater transparency
  • Better service levels and,
  • Provides greater flexibility and scalability.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management provides:

  • The Multi-customer capability
  • Flexible modelling of warehouse layout & the processes
  • Inventory & process progression transparency
  • Optimisation in warehouse planning &process execution
  • Seamless integration of technology in the highly automated environments
  • Integration in the entire logistics solution of SAP

SAP Extended Warehouse Management Training  – Mapping with WM

  • SAP EWM manages the financial & physical ownership of the stock flexibly which is of the great interest for logistics service providers.
  • Packing, value-adding services and the kitting take place at work centers that are fully integrated with the new transport routing.
  • Individual processes for mobile data entry can be designed very efficiently using the RF-framework.
  • So the EWM covers the whole operative logistics processes including the improved integration of the yard management.
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management Training offers you flexible, automated support with processing various goods movement and managing stock in your warehouse.
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a next generation warehouse management system from the SAP. EWM is designed to manage the complex logistics execution in the supply chain.

Comparison of SAP EWM with WM functions of SAP ERP :

  • It provides best SAP’s strategic warehouse management solution
  • Strong investment & supply chain execution roadmap
  • Enhanced the process flexibility
  • Provides Full warehouse visibility
  • Provides the support to Latest technology
  • Provides Labor management
  • Better performance

Inbound Processing with SAP EWM Training:

The inbound delivery notification is a document containing all the relevant logistics data in the inbound delivery process right from the origin of the inbound delivery process.

  • Advance Shipping Notification processing
  • Automatic, rules based process guidance
  • Comprehensive quality management and returns management
  • Leading edge warehouse technology integration
  • Integrated import and dangerous goods compliance

Storage with SAP EWM:

  • Complete labour management solution
  • Comprehensive slotting rules
  • Broad set of replenishment strategies
  • Value added service orders

SAP EWM Training – Outbound Processing :

The Outbound delivery request is a document containing all the relevant logistics data in the outbound delivery process right from the origin of the outbound delivery process(sales order, for example).using the outbound request ,you can also process or reject incoming changes to an existing outbound delivery order.

  • Wave, labour & cartonization optimization
  • Full native technology support
  • Material Flow System for direct PLC and conveyor system communication
  • Transportation process integrations
  • Comprehensive warehouse performance analytics & operations monitoring

Production Integration with SAP EWM Training:

  • Seamless, deep integration with ERP production planning & execution processes
  • Modelling of production physical locations in extended warehouse for efficient replenishment & accurate production stock visibility
  • Before implementing the EWM function, it is best to define the physical structure of the warehouse complex.
  • It is possible to define the individual warehouse areas, such as bulk storage or racking, as storage types within the warehouse complex.
  • For each of the storage types it is possible to define the bin locations that can be found in that area.
  • The stock resides in the bin location and the items move in the warehouse from bin location to bin location.
  • It is possible to logically group together a number of storage bins into an activity area, so they can be concatenated for stock placement.
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management training (SAP EWM) is an latest warehouse management system released by SAP & has been designed to play the leading role in warehouse management training software. EWM is a result of the continued pursuit by SAP to deliver a leading of edge, functionally rich warehouse management software.