SAP EWM ABAP Online Training

SAP Extended Warehouse Management is a next generation warehouse management system from SAP. SAP EWM ABAP Training is designed to manage complex logistics execution in supply chain. SAP Extended Warehouse Management  offers you flexible, automated support with processing various goods movement and managing stock in your warehouse. The system supports you with planned and efficient processing of all logistics processes in your warehouse complex. SAP EWM Training efficiently handles all internal process of a warehouse goods receipt and goods issue, slotting, complex cross-docking, packing and shipping logistics.



  • Understanding the evolution of EWM and its integration with SAP, in this module.
  • Integration
  • ERP and EWM Integration
  • Delivery Document Integration


  • EWM Structural Elements
  • Explain APO Core Interface
  • EWM Master Data


  • Overview of Goods Receipt Process
  • Groups Availability for Inventory Management
  • Put away Rules and Strategies
  • Capacity Checking


  • Goods Issue
  • Stock Removal Strategies
  • Batch Management

  • Storage Control Concepts
  • Process-oriented Storage Control
  • Layout-oriented Storage Control


  • Post Processing Framework (PPF)
  • Post Processing Framework (PPF) Overview
  • PPF in Delivery Processing


  • Deconsolidation Configuration
  • Cross Docking
  • Resource Management
  • Product
  • Serial Numbering
  • Integrating with Other Modules
  • Handling Unit Management (HUM)
  • Transportation Management
  • Shipment

EWM: 125

  • Labor Management
  • Labour Management (LM), Engineered Labour Management (ELM)
  • Radio Frequency Identification System (FID)

What is SAP EWM ?

  • SAP EWM ABAP Training is the latest warehouse management system released by SAP and has been designed to play the leading role in warehouse management software.
  • SAP EWM ABAP Training is a result of the continued pursuit by SAP to deliver a leading edge, functionally rich warehouse management software.
  • Within EWM it is possible to map any warehouse structure according to any specific requirements, which in turn increases the speed and efficiency of distribution processes, optimizing internal goods movements and maximizing efficiency and on time response.
  • SAP EWM Online Training offers flexible, automated support for processing various goods movements and for managing stocks in the warehouse complex.
  • SAP EWM ABAP Training delivers planned and efficient processing of all logistics processes, including the following process areas.
  • In contrast, SAP EWM gives you the option of mapping your entire warehouse complex in detail in the system, down to storage bin level.
  • Not only does this give you an overview of the total quantity of a product in the warehouse, but you can also always see exactly where a specific product is, at any time, in your warehouse complex.
  • With SAP EWM, you can optimize the use of various storage bins and stock movements, and can store together stocks from several plants in randomly-managed warehouse.
  • Using SAP EWM ABAP Training, you can control and optimize various processes in the warehouse. Integration EWM is completely integrated into Inventory Management and Delivery Processing.
  • Business processes, which you trigger in other application components, lead to physical goods movements in your warehouse. You organize, control, and monitor these goods movements using SAP EWM. Planning and Monitoring SAP EWM gives you an overview of all goods movements and warehouse stocks.
  • The system supports you in planning, monitoring, and optimizing work processes.
  • For example, it gives you a preview of the workloads for the coming days, or enables you to take preventive action in critical warehouse processes, so that you can perform stock movements on time.
  • The extensive monitoring functions give you a current view of all activities in the warehouse. You can control the actual work in the warehouse using the individual monitors.