SAP Customer Business Planning Online Training

SAP Customer Business Planning Training is specially designed to close the current gaps in the sales processes within the consumer products industry by enabling KAMs to plan & discuss in the same language as their retailers buyers. It helps KAMs to understand the KPIs of their retailers & to identify a mutually beneficial account plan including the best promotions.

SAP Customer Business Planning training from Tysco Online Trainings offers the entire classes on 100% interactive platform for the candidates, where participants can join their classes at any time that suits their personal schedule. Here the tutorials are to be made by the subject experts with adequate hand-on knowledge on their real project completion. Check the SAP CBP Online course at reasonable cost.

SAP Customer Business Planning Training Prerequisites:

A responsibility area has been created for you.

  • Account hierarchy
  • ECC product hierarchy
  • Product categories
  • Position
  • Territory management

Overview of SAP Customer Business Planning Training:

SAP Customer Business Planning Training offers better management capability over both promoted & non-promoted products & when run on SAP HANA, enables real-time management and execution of volume when combined with SAP Trade Promotion Management & optimisation solutions. It can track the volume against business targets & provide forecasts with actual data collected from past periods in addition to planning data for future periods.

Providing volume, financial & promotion planning down to individual product level, fully integrated with all backbone functions such as, finance, pricing, claims management etc

Sales planning is the central management tool for key account managers (KAMs) in the consumer products industry & is fast replacing the more traditional annual negotiations between retailers & suppliers, where trade terms are agreed, promotions booked & an annual plan developed. In sap Customer Business Planning Training,  For sales plans to be successful, a high degree of collaboration & sharing of information is required by both sides. At the same time, goals & objectives must be aligned with a view to developing a plan that will benefit both parties.

Features of SAP Customer Business Planning training:

  • Structured target setting process
  • Volume planning with building blocks
  • Customer P&L analysis
  • Draft promotion planning
  • Business-friendly, easy-to-use graphical tool to plan and track annual business with trading partners
  • What-if scenario planning
  • Support for rolling forecasts
  • Planning of promoted and non-promoted P&L

Plan Screen – Overview

Plan screen is the main screen in the SAP Customer Business Planning application. You use it to:

  • Review baseline data as well as additional data in Profit & Loss
  • Plan baseline data for future periods
  • Review latest estimates and target versus plan data
  • Review the impact of promotions
  • Monitor budgets and create promotions