SAP Classified Advertising Management

SAP Classified Advertising Management training consists of the IS-M/AMCServer, IS-M/AMC User Interface  IS-M/AMC Web & a  IS-M/AMC Web Editor components.You can access graphics in an file system or SAP Media Document Management if you have to assigned the actions for accessing these of a source systems to the styles that you have used to design an ad content.Both the components communicate via Remote Function Call (RFC).SAP Classified Advertising Management training  has ad content always belongs to an advertising order, you require.

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SAP Classified Advertising Management Training Overview:

  • SAP Classified Advertising Management training is Advertising Management (IS-M/AM)to the enter advertising  You can incorporate the  IS-M/AMC UI in a  Customer Interaction Center (CIC) framework in an IS-M/AM. This integration means you can access an  IS-M/AMC UI from IS-M/AM, & design the ad content during the order entry.
  • When you access & an exitIS-M/AMC UI, the system transfers the production & a price-relevant data in the ad order or ad content to an  IS-M/AMC UI or IS-M/AM via an  Interface for Integration of Technical Systems (IS-M/ITA).
  • You can insert an graphics from various of a source systems in the ad content inthe IS-M/AMC UI. From a file system, SAP Media Document Management & an external document management system.
  • You can access graphics in an external document management system if your external document management system is connected to SAP IS-M/AMC via the web service interface in SAP IS-M/AMC, or the Java Business Add-In (BAdI) ICust Graph Dialog.
  • When the advertising order is saved, the system saves the advertising order inIS-M/AM, and the ad content inIS-M/AMC Server with the graphics inserted. The ad production system can retrieve the ad content from here.
  • You can use theIS-M/AMC Web and IS-M/AMC Web -Editor components to design an with an Internet scenario to the enter classified ads. To do so, you must program an web application in which you integrate one or both web components with IS-M/AMC Server & a IS-M/AM. The web application you have programmed is the central component in the Internet scenario. It controls and monitors all components involved.
  •  In an SAP for Media Master Guide, SAP IS-M/AMC Solution Operation Guide, SAP IS-M/AMC Configuration of a Guide & the SAP IS-M/AMC Web Implementation of a Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace under guides

SAP Classified Advertising Management Training Features:

  • IS-M/AMC UIis an editor, which provides you with an editor & an template mode for entering ad content:
  • SAP Classified Advertising Management training enter & a design the ad text directly in the editor in the editor mode. You can format characters, paragraphs &a text blocks here, & an insert borders and graphics in the ad text. The style that you use the defines which options are available to you to design the ad text. The style also defines an structure of the ad content, such as the number of columns & a position of the headers or graphics, in addition to controlling these design and a options.
  • in these can instruct IS-M/AMC UI to generate the ad content in the template mode. You use a template to do so. A template is pre-defined ad content, with the ad text that contains placeholders. To generate an ad content, enter the ad content attributes in the panel group that determined by IS-M/AMC UI:
  • Ad content attributes are characteristics that describe the semantic aspects of a classified ad content. You can for example enter thebrand, model & a  color ad content attributes for the car ad. The system inserts the ad content attributes in the relevant gaps in an template when it generates the ad content. You can post-edit the pre-defined classified ad in the editor mode.