SAP cfolders Online Training

SAP cFolders training shows you web based platform that brings together all the business partners who are participating in the collaboration – internal users, engineering & a design partners, suppliers, manufacturers & a customers. cFolders enables all the collaboration participants to work together in the virtual teams in both cooperative & a competitive situations. The integration in Collaboration with the SAP NetWeaver allows the access to data in the cFolders via Knowledge Management (KM) & a the SAP Collaboration Room. SAP Cprojects training is a Web-based, flexible, easy-to-use an project management application that is specifically a designed for development, consulting, or IT projects.

Tysco Online Trainings offers SAP Cfolders online training’s for IT professionals working on BI domain. The training is segregated into an interactive online classroom methods & it is conducted by best subject matter experts of the industry



  • Introduction
  • Continuous of Improvement
  • Six Sigma
  • New Functionality
  • Integration of Enhancements
  • Technical Information


  • Collaborative Scenario
  • Competitive Scenario
  • Structured Objects
  • Authorizations
  • Services
  • Backend Integration


  • Product Data of Exchange (PDX) Import/ Export
  • Engineering the Change Collaboration
  • Backend of Integration of MPNs
  • Upload/ Download of BOM in an PDX Package
  • Multi-Level of BOMs
  • Authorizations
  • Supporting Functions
  • Search Functions
  • Reporting

Pre-requisites Of SAP CFolder Training

  • Knowledge equivalent to an consultant profile for SAP cProjects 4.0 or the SAP cFolders 4.0
  • Basic knowledge of the document management.

SAP CFolder Training Overview:

  • SAP cFolder training brings together all the business partners who are participating in the collaboration– starting with an collaboration owner and his or her engineering & a design partners, via suppliers & a manufacturers, to sales partners & then customers. enterprise & a  cFolders assumes the role of a vertical of collaboration solution for cooperation between enterprises in the product development with external partners
  • Collaboration folder training web-based on a cooperation platform Collaboration Folders (cFolders) in mySAP PLM which enables all the collaboration participants to work together in the virtual teams in both cooperative & also a competitive situations, regardless .
  • where they are. Collaboration data structured in an hierarchy gives the user a quick overview of a collaboration. Different cFolders functions (for example, notifications,& status management), the integratedthe WebEx conference tool, & also an SAP Back-End Integration for documents & a product structures lead to an enhanced and accelerated exchange of information & a communication flow.
  • Using generic objects (that is, objects that can be used to map customer-specific business on the objects in a cFolders collaboration) facilitates cooperation for subjects that cannot simply be handled by document management or the exchange of product structure information. The integration ofcFolders as an virtual drive with the Microsoft Windows File Explorer allows the data to be saved in Cfolders straight from PC programs that are based on Microsoft Windows.
  • Simplified engineering cooperation between internal & an external team members no matter where they are located around an globe.
  • Direct access to the collaboration data that is always up-to-date.
  • Improved & a faster exchange of information & a communication flow between all persons participating in a collaboration.
  • Reduced unproductive time (less meetings & a business trips), engineering errors (improved communication), & a expenses (lower travel costs).
  • Increased capacity due to an faster time to market (shorter design cycles, less redesign)