SAP Car Online Training

SAP CAR Training is a foundation that collects transactional data that was previously spread over multiple independent applications in diverse formats. repository provides a common foundation and a harmonized multichannel transaction data model for all consuming applications.Retailers can use SAP CAR Online Training to gradually transform their system landscapes from traditional database technology to the revolutionary, in-memory database technology.

Tysco Online Trainings offers entire classes on virtual communication platform and allows its participants to gain great business insight for exploring a rewarding professional career. SAP Customer Activity Repository training is offered by Tysco Online Trainings for corporate batch as well as for. Upon enrolling for SAP CAR Training you will come to know that your retail business  are like never before.

 Overview On SAP Customer Activity Repository

Customers are interacting with you on an ever increasing number of channels. SAP customer repository helps you bring together disparate data sources. The SAP CAR is a common data foundation that enables real time data access, visibility and analytics. It pulls customer data from various channels (like social, mobile, web, POS) into one single repository. It combines customer’s data with more granular business performance data in order to get a total vide of your business. The SAP CAR has got powerful built in analytics, forecasting &  algorithms which makes it a new platform to gain new retail knowledge.

SAP CAR Training Prerequisites :

  • Knowledge on W26POS SAP POS Data Management Workshop
  • SAPIRT Function Overview in SAP for Retail
  • SAP HANA Overview



  • SAP Customer Activity Repository Introduction
  • (Technical) Solution Architecture
  • POS Data transfer & audit overview & basics
  • ERP & CRM integration

  • CAR Analytics for Multichannel Sales Analytics & Inventory Analytics
  • On Shelf availability
  • Demand Data Foundation & Unified Demand Forecast basis
  • Migration process for existing SAP POS Data Management customers
  • Summary

About SAP CAR :

  • Before implementing of SAP CAR the customers have to decide how the main components of this product will be deployed in the system landscape?
  • With the invention of SAP Customer Activity Repository it has got  various deployment options, which result in different system landscape architectures.
  • Each of these architecture has both advantages and dis advantages. Therefore it is up to the customers to decide, which deployment option for SAP Customer Activity Repository best suits for their IT &  business needs. Enroll for SAP CAR Training to know more information.
  • The SAP CAR improves stock coverage in order to ensure that the products are available when the customer decides to buy & boost the sales rate in the process.
  • The SAP CAR helps you plan better with a single calculation of customers demand across all channels. It quickly maximize both sales & margins with target pricing and promotion.
  • The SAP CAR is mainly intended to help retailers establish the foundational data that can be used for better understanding of customer demand & predict future buying behavior.
  • The SAP CAR has a features such as real time visibility into consumer sales data down to the transaction, these level are intended to enable retailers better understand what , when and where customers will make purchases.
  • With SAP CAR you can  increase promotion & assortment effectively. It allows to personalize marketing for higher sales & leads to  Simplification of your IT landscape by minimizing the data replication.
  • As a part of SAP CAR Training you will see how the SAP Customer Activity Repository is considered as foundation that collects transactional data that was previously spread over multiple independent applications in the diverse formats. The repository provides a common foundation & harmonized multi-channel transaction data model for all consuming applications.
  • The SAP HANA is the underlying in-memory technology of Repository,  it responds to analytical requests on huge amounts of data in real-time to give the insight into sales performance & consumer behavior across all the channels by enabling new processes & interaction with all parties.

SAP Customer Activity Repository Architecture:

  • The SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR) builds on the foundation of “ POS DM”
  • Basic knowledge on SAP ERP can go with SAP Customer Activity Repository
  • The POS DM 1.0 is an separate product & The SAP Customer Activity Repository is not an successor of POS DM 1.0
  • In SAP CAR Training you will come across Certain functionality that has been reused such as Inbound & outbound POS interfaces, The POS Workbench & the Task Framework.
  • The Master Data & Inventory Data is SLT replicated from ERP
  • To enable sales from other channels the ERP SD orders & billing documents are SLT replicated into  Repository
  • ERP is assumed to be the leading system for billing, replenishment etc.As a result it is the record of the source for orders even though orders may be initiated via other channels they will be posted via SAP- ERP.
  • The SAP Customer Activity Repository relies on the tables that are located mainly in two Data Base schemas namely SAP-ECC & SAP-CAR
  • The POS Transactions are imported into the Repository, typically during the day via trickle feed; there might be various frequencies of trickle feed.
  • It is assumed that SLT will be used to replicate the SD orders, Master Data & dependent documents in real time from SAP ERP

Benefits of SAP CAR:

Following are the few benefits of SAP Customer Activity Repository, you will learn more of its  benefits in online SAP CAR Training

  • It Increases promotion & assortment effectively.
  • It creates a consistent brand experience across all the channels to boost customer satisfaction &  retention
  • It personalize the market for higher sales
  •  It also Simplify your IT landscape by minimizing the data

Brief Overview on components of SAP CAR:

In depth knowledge will be provided as a part of SAP CAR Training

  • Multi-channel Sales Repository (MCSR): 

The MCSR is the basis for multi-channel transaction & inventory visibility analysis. It holds the following types of data:

  • Transactional data– which includes the point-of-sale (POS) transactions & other several types of sales documents
  • Inventory data- such as current stock levels at a store, to enable near real-time inventory visibility analysis
  • Master data– such as store & article numbers

The MCSR is also used to define order channels such as – the retail store, call center, or the Web shop. This allows to associate transactional data -POS transactions and sales documents. to the channel from which it has originated. in depth knowledge will be given as a part of SAP CAR Training.
Analytics Content:

  • The SAP HANA database, responds in near real-time to analytical requests of huge amounts of data providing insight into sales performance &  consumer behavior across all the  channels.
  • As a part of SAP CAR Training you will learn how the data stored by the SAP Customer Activity Repository is made available for analysis through virtual data models (VDMs).

Demand Data Foundation :

  • Demand data Foundation (DDF) is an re-usable software layer included in SAP Customer Activity Repository for analyzing & modeling the historical demand of data & forecasting the future demand.
  • The  Retail applications that are driven by demand prediction  such as- SAP Promotion Management for Retail, can be installed on the top of SAP Customer Activity Repository.

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