SAP BODS Online Training

SAP BODS Training is an ETL tool used for datamarts, ODS system etc. Ensure complete and accurate information with enterprise class solution for data integration and data quality. user-define standards are published in a custom Cleansing Package which is useable by Data Services through the Data Cleanse transform. SAP BODS Training enhance to move data from any applications into SAP business suite deployment and master the data management.

SAP BODS Training is rendered by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for more information for online SAP BODS Training and its details.



  • Definition of DW
  • Methodology
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • DW Lifecycle
  • DW Challenges


  • introduction of ETL
  • Stage Area
  • Rules of Business
  • Performance
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Surrogate Keys
  • Facts & Dimension Tables
  • Different ETL Tools


  • History
  • Components
  • Architecture


  • Data Services Purpose
  • Data Services architecture
  • Define Data Services objects
  • Data Services Designer interface


  • Hierarchy of Object
  • Jobs
  • Workflows
  • Data Flows


  • Stores of Data
  • File formats for flat files
  • File formats for Excel files
  • File formats for XML files
  • Lab Exercises


  • Creation of repository
  • Job Server Setting
  • Setup for real-time operation
  • Setting multiple data stores
  • Starting the Job servers
  • Lab Exercises


  • Work with objects
  • Creation of data flow
  • Use the Query transform
  • Use target tables
  • Executing the job
  • Lab Exercises

  • Use descriptions & annotations
  • Validate & tracing jobs
  • Use View Data & the Interactive Debugger
  • Use auditing in data flows
  • Lab Exercises


  • Defining the built-in functions
  • Functions in expression
  • Lookup function
  • Decode function
  • Variables & parameters
  • Data Service scripting language
  • Scripting the custom function
  • Lab Exercises


  • Map Operation transform
  • Validation transform
  • Merge transform
  • Case transform
  • SQL transform
  • Lab Exercises


  • Pivot transform
  • Hierarchy Flattening transform
  • Data Transfer transform
  • XML Pipeline transform
  • Lab Exercises


  • Error Handling
  • Recoverable work flows


  • Update data over time
  • Database native CDC mechanism
  • Source based CDC
  • Target Comparison
  • Lab Exercises


  • Fundamentals of DQ & Data Cleansing
  • Built in DQ Transformation
  • Data Validation
  • Name & Address cleansing
  • Deduplication
  • Cleansing other data
  • Lab Exercises


  • Real Time Jobs
  • SOAP Introduction
  • Web Services


  • Creating the datastores for SAP databases
  • Accessing the SAP data
  • Running ABAP programs
  • R/3 Data flows

SAP BODS Training Overview:

SAP BO Data Services is an ETL tool used for Data integration, data quality, data profiling and data processing. It allows you to integrate, transform trusted data-to-data warehouse system for analytical reporting.

BO Data Services consists of a UI development interface, metadata repository, data connectivity to source and target system and management console for scheduling of jobs.

SAP BODS Training – Services:

SAP Business Object Data services is software tool designed by business Object. Some of the basic purpose of this tool is to perform jobs like.

Extraction Transformation loading (ETL): Pulling out data from any system, database, and tables by applying changes to modify the data, and loading data into any other system/database or tables for example ETL of data from SQL server database to oracle.

Data Ware Housing: A database specially designed and developed in a particular format to enable easy data analysis or reporting. This could be developed using data from various databases or any other data sources.

Data Migration: Moving of data from one place to another. This is a subset of ETL where data is relocated from one software system or database to another. This also involves modifications and alteration of data.

Business Intelligence: A concept which combines the data warehousing system and reporting. This is applied to analyse data of organisation to effectively perform functions like Business Performance improvement.

  • There are many other software tools in the market which are capable of doing the same functions or activities as mentioned above.
  • They are the direct competitors for business Objects.
  • They are informatics, Data stage, Congo’s and SSIS etc.
  • The above mentioned activities can also be performed using the programming tools like .Net or even java and also directly within database end like SQL Server or Oracle.
  • The tool BODS provides a very easy and efficient interface to perform these specialist tasks involve data manipulation.
  • The Objects and functions within BODS are specially designed to perform manipulations and transformations of huge and complex volume of data very efficiently.
  • There are system provided objects and functions which can be dragged and dropped easily and jobs can be created.
  • Being as SAP tool has very good compatibility with SAP applications compared to any other similar tools.

SAP BODS Training : Common terms and terminologies

SAP BODS Training : Designer:

  • Designer is the graphical user interface that lets you create tests, execute and debug BODS job.
  • This is the space where the data transformations take place.

 SAP BODS Training : Repository:

  • Repository is like a database that stores the objects in a designer.
  • The job metadata, the transformation rules and the course and target metadata also.
  • There are primarily three types of repositories local, central and profiler.
  • The designer cannot even be opened for any talk without having a local repository.
  • In other words local repository is a mandatory repository for BODS functioning.
  • At this point we are not bothered about the other two repositories.

SAP BODS Training : Engine:

  • The BODS Engine executes the jobs created using the Design.
  • When the BODS application is started, there are enough Engines launched to effectively accomplish defined tasks.

SAP BODS Training : Job Server:

  • The Job server is an application that launches the data services processing engine and serves as an interface to the engine and other components in the Data Services suite.

SAP BODS Training : Access Server:

  • The Access Server passes messages between web applications and the Data Services job server and engines.

SAP BODS Training : Address Server:

  • The Address Server provides address validation and correction for the Global Address Cleanse EMEA engine and Global Suggestion Lists.
  • The Address Server must be started prior to processing data flows that contain the Global Suggestion list transformation or the Global Address Cleanse transform with the EMEA engine enabled.

SAP BODS Training : Central Management Console:

  • It is a web based administration tool for BODS which is used for some basic functions such as repository registration, user management etc.
  • These terms should be at the finger tips of a BODS programmer as these would be used very often while working on BODS.

SAP BODS Training outline:

  • Program Name: SAP BODS Training course
  • Course Duration:  35 Hours
  • Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided during the SAP BODS Training
  • Batch Type: Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset