SAP ATTP Online Training

SAP ATTP Course Introduction:

SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals in short called as SAP ATTP. The  SAP has come up with an new decision in order to create a new pharma specific solution which is based on market changes and the customer feedback.  The SAP ATTP provides a serialization repository and serial number management solution, tightly integrated into supply chain management & the warehouse management processes with the regulatory reporting. Register for SAP ATTP Training at Tysco Online Trainings and get trained by expert consultants. Following session provides you the SAP ATTP Training Syllabus.

Overview on SAP ATTP:

Following session gives an brief overview on the SAP ATTP, more you will explore as a part of SAP ATTP Training.

  • The SAP ATTP is making difference by integrating your business operations with your supply chain.
  • It simplify the regulatory reporting complaint with different international directives with the country specific content.
  • It manages the expected steep increase in the serialization data volume due to Tysco sterilization directives.
  • It integrates the serialization into your business_process with the SAP ERP and warehouse.

Features of the SAP ATTP:

  • By joining for SAP ATTP Training you will learn how to allows the report serial number events to the authorities &also the business partners, by enabling compliance to the  international legislation.
  • It provides Integration with ERP systems, warehouse management systems, & the packaging lines
  • It capture the serial numbers from packaging lines & warehouse systems, and then store the serial number events centrally
  • It allows the Track & trace serial numbers of medicinal sales units and their aggregations, further will come across as a part of SAP ATTP Training.
  • It provides track batches &  their related serial numbers
  • It allows globally to manage number ranges & randomized or sequential serial number lists
  • It provides browse & affect internal reporting on usage & the distribution of serial numbers globally.

Capabilities of SAP ATTP:

Following are few capabilities listed below , more will learn as a part of SAP ATTP Training.

  • It provides the integration to SAP Enterprise Central Component (ECC) through add-ons, and 3rd party warehouse , packaging products
  • It has come with error message monitoring & handling
  • The new feature is- repository of rules, events & serialization numbers for query and reporting
  • Regulatory reporting, we cover more detail in SAP ATTP Training by experts &
  • Pharma Network – It provide a hub for the information exchange.


Benefits of using SAP ATTP

Following are the benefits of SAP ATTP, more will learn in SAP ATTP Training.

  • It provides efficient integration of a corporate level pharmaceutical serialization solution, while reducing the tco and compliance cost.
  • It efficiently increases the scale with the pharmaceutical solution capable of handling large sterilization data volume. More of it will be covered in SAP ATTP Training
  • It effectively comply with global sterilization including various formats and a single corporate serialization repository.