SAP Assest Intelligence Network

SAP Asset Intelligence Network Training Overview

SAP Asset Intelligence Network training brings together

  • Operators: Large scale companies from various industries that buy, own and operate industrial assets
  • Manufacturers: Industrial asset manufacturers that design, produce, sell, commission and operate/service industrial assets
  • Distributors & Service Providers: Units that operate close to the operators and provide them with sales and services for the manufacturer’s assets
  • SAP AIN also supports the development and deployment of additional services on top of asset information, including predictive maintenance planning, analytics, benchmarking, and remote monitoring.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network training objectives:

An important capability of a SAP Asset Intelligence Network is to ensure data privacy & a security along with the horizontal data & a process integration spanning multiple stakeholder & a asset data providers.

The applications running within a Java back end define the main components of SAP AIN & a implement the core business processes of the SAP AIN. These applications rely on an number of general services provided by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, like the Persistency Service & a Document Service. The figure shows the components & their dependencies at a high level.

From a technical point of view, SAP AIN uses:

  • SAP Fiori UX for the front end
  • A Java back end running in SAP Hana Cloud Platform, providing services that are consumed by the SAP Fiori UX
  • Integration of SAP AIN with SAP Business Suite can be achieved either by using SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration service or by directly consuming REST based API’s
  • Connect to an central hub for all enterprise asset management (EAM) stakeholders
  • Increase asset of a data quality with a world-class product data management (PDM) system
  • Simplify collaborative asset management by storing common metadata on a network
  • Improve equipment reliability & an issue response times – and reduce asset maintenance costs
  • Manufacturers: Boost customer satisfaction, ensure product liability, & make improvements based on feedback
  • Operators: Benefit from an complete asset information, tailored services, & a fewer maintenance issues