SAP Ariba Online Training

SAP Ariba Training is now an SAP company. SAP Ariba Training  offers an open network and Web-based applications to buy, sell and manage cash among B2B buyers and sellers. Ariba Online Training procurement on-demand lets you leverage the world’s largest business network to help buyers and suppliers collaborate, better improve compliance, and enhance efficiency across your requisition-to-pay and Catalog-to-catch processes.

All the classes are arranged in this course module in flexi timing so that professional pursuing their regular job can complete the course in the spare time and here course fee is moderate and there is provision for individual and corporate at Tysco Online Trainings.

Prerequisites Of SAP Ariba Training :

  • Any business professionals who have knowledge of procurement, finance, treasury and legal can join the course
  • Any IT professionals can opt the course
  • Stake holders with buy and sell chain scenarios into their mind can also opt the course.
  • Any SAP Expert can also opt the course.



  • Introduction to Ariba
  • Using the catalogs
  • Importing catalogs
  • Validation & errors
  • catalog hierarchy
  • Catalog views-SAP Ariba Training
  • Contract compliances


  • Introduction
  • Application Orientation
  • Managing an SPM project
  • Monitoring phase-SAP Ariba Training
  • Managing scorecards
  • Managing Surveys
  • Running reports

  • Introduction
  • Sourcing event overview
  • Building your sourcing event: Rules, Team & Suppliers
  • Building your sourcing event: contents
  • running your sourcing event
  • Managing Surveys-SAP Ariba Training
  • sourcing events with monetary bidding


  • Ariba Overview
  • Ariba Sourcing-SAP Ariba Training
  • Ariba Contract Management
  • Ariba Spend Visibility
  • Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management
  • Ariba Procurement
  • Ariba Procurement Content
  • Ariba Administration
  • Ariba Analysis Reporting for Cloud Applications

SAP Ariba Training Overview

SAP Ariba Training offers an open network and Web-based applications to buy, sell and manage cash among B2B buyers and sellers. It’s now known as Ariba, an SAP Company. The four areas of the SAP cloud application story are: money, people, customer and suppliers. (Business By Design is kind of its own category.) Just as Success Factors is the core of the “people” segment, Ariba will constitute the core of the “suppliers” category. In addition, as part of SAP’s enterprise cloud strategy (i.e., applications, platform, infrastructure), Ariba will serve as a new “business network” category, connecting suppliers, customers and partners.

  • SAP Ariba Training is the creator and provider of the Ariba Network, a cloud-based B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other and do business within a single, networked platform.
  • The platform provides a user-friendly interface that will seem intuitive for anyone who shops online.  Like eBay or Amazon, SAP Ariba Training supports both sellers and buyers.
  • The platform provides sellers with the ability to manage catalogs, bids, purchases and invoices and it provides buyers with the ability to search for suppliers, negotiate savings,  procure goods and services and track spend.
  • Unlike consumer marketplaces, however, SAP Ariba Training has additional features to help with RFQs, RFPs, RFOs,compliance and other business concerns.
  • Ariba SN is a hosted service that enables your organization to form relationships with buying organizations and conduct transactions over the Internet.
  • Buying organizations (companies that own Ariba Buyer) use Ariba SN to find suppliers from which they want to purchase products or services and invite those suppliers to form buyer-seller relationships.
  • After you accept an invitation, the buying organization can see your catalogs and place orders. You then receive the orders and return invoices.
  • As the supplier, you will find all of the tools you need on SAP Ariba Training SN to configure your account to attract buying organizations to your products or services and to transact with them in the way that best suits your organization.
  • When you set up your Ariba SN account, you specify extensive information about your company—from your address to your business policies. You can set also options that determine how Ariba SN routes transaction documents to and from your customers.
  • You can route documents by fax machine, electronic mail, your Ariba SN Inbox/Outbox, or using more sophisticated document routing formats, such as EDI or cXML.

Ariba Sourcing Event Management Advanced Features and Discovery:

SAP Ariba Training Sourcing Professional users learn advanced functionality in order to get the most out of their solution. Through a combination of lecture and demonstration, users have the opportunity to learn about these sophisticated functions. Features to be covered include:

  • Ariba Discovery: Learn about the benefits of Discovery, including how the matching process works and best practices on how to maximize the value of each posting.
  • Scoring in Ariba Sourcing Professional: Learn how scoring works, exploring such topics as buyer setup (including weights, importance, target grade and pre-graded vs. post-graded questions); grading an event as a team grader; and completing the process as a project owner, including using the Adjust Grade for Consensus option.
  • Data Import/Export using Excel: Save time and learn tips for using Microsoft Excel to quickly load data into your sourcing events. Also, learn how to extract data results quickly for a side-by-side analysis of your event results.
  • Custom Offline Response Sheet: Learn how to handle events that go beyond system limitations by using this advanced method of collecting and mapping of data.
  • Sourcing Library: Standardize event content and format by taking advantage of the sourcing library. Learn how to add events from the library and help reduce cycle times.

SAP Ariba Training Course Outline:


  • About Ariba and History
  • Why Ariba – Market Comparison
  • Product evolution and Platform
  • Ariba Environment and Architecture

Ariba Sourcing:

  • Getting Started with SAP Ariba Training sourcing
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing: Creating Events
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing: Project Management
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing: Event Management Advance Features
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing: Creating Auctions
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshop

Ariba Contract Management:

  • Getting Started with SAP Ariba Training Contracts
  • Ariba Contract Management: Creating Contracts
  • Ariba Contract Management: Workspace Template Administration
  • Ariba Contract Management: Contract Authoring
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshop

Ariba Spend Visibility:

  • SAP Ariba Training Spend Visibility: SV
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshop

Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management:

  • Ariba Supplier Performance Management
  • Ariba Supplier Information Management
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshops
  • SAP Ariba Training sap ariba cloud training
Ariba Procurement:

  • Getting Started with SAP Ariba Training Procurement
  • Ariba Procurement: Requisition to Receiving
  • Ariba Contract Compliance
  • Ariba Procurement: Creating and Managing Invoices
  • Ariba Procurement: Managing and Maintaining Catalogs
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshop

SAP Ariba Training Procurement Content:

  • Ariba Procurement Content
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshop

SAP Ariba Training Administration:

  • Ariba Administration Source to Contracts
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshop

Ariba Analysis Reporting for Cloud Applications:

  • Ariba Analysis Reporting for Cloud Applications
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hands on workshop

Ariba’s products:

The Ariba Network enables companies to locate new suppliers, streamline transaction processes, and realize savings with cloud-based procurement software. Following on from this course will focus on Ariba. Key leaders from Ariba will outline the Ariba solutions and both the buyer and seller advantages. Starting with the digital economy, you will learn that in order to keep up with the demands and expectations of a global marketplace, companies must connect, interact, and integrate faster and more efficiently than ever before. Students will learn and see demonstrations of the full suite of Ariba solutions, including key Ariba Network solutions and advantages of the Ariba marketplace.
Ariba sells separate “business commerce” products for buyers and sellers on the Ariba network. Here’s a sampling:

Buyers—Spending Visibility, Sourcing, Contract Management, Procure-to-Pay, T&E + Supplier Management
Sellers—“Discovery Service” (to find new buyers), Contract Management for Sales, Order and Catalog solutions

SAP Ariba Sourcing:

SAP Ariba Training Sourcing is designed to help companies overcome challenges in supplier Information management. A unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, SAP Ariba Sourcing is the most-widely adopted and complete strategic sourcing Offering in the marketplace, and is used by thousands of companies to create and Implement competitive best-value agreements.

SAP Ariba Discovery:

SAP Ariba Training Discovery is a service that allows buyers to find new suppliers, read profile information and feedback about suppliers, and access other supplier information. SAP Ariba Discovery is not a part of the sourcing solution to which you subscribed, but rather a separate service. In some circumstances, you can access SAP Ariba Discovery from different SAP Ariba solutions. SAP Ariba Training Discovery is currently free for buyers. Before you first access SAP Ariba Discovery, you will be asked to accept the online Terms of Use applicable to SAP Ariba Discovery, and those terms will apply if you choose to proceed and use SAP Ariba Discovery.

SAP Ariba Training outline

  • Course Name: SAP ARIBA Training course
  • Duration :  35 Hours
  • Mode of Training : Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings : According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided
  • Batch : Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material in form of PDF OT WORD
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements Good Internet Speed, Headset

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