Informatica MDM Interview Questions

Informatica MDM Interview Questions:

  • Have you used the web services in the MDM ?
  • What is an Hub state flag ?
  • What is the consolidated flag ?
  • What will happen when two source systems are assigned to the same Trust scores?
  • How will you determine the source system for an given record in the MDM hub ?
  • What are workflows ?
  • What is the difference between exact matching & the fuzzy matching ?
  • What is to kenizing ?
  • How do you implement the hierarchy in MDM ?
  • How do you configure the IDD ?
  • What is an Stage Job ?
  • What is the Load Job ?
  • What is the Process Server
  • Which version have you used?
  • What is an Search by rules in MatchSet Properties
  • What is Automerge & Manual Merge
  • What is MDM & why you organization needs it
  • What is the SRC_LUD
  • What is the Putable in Base Object Columns Properties
  • What is an INDEX
  • What are the types of the indexes
  • What is an rowid in oracle

prerequisties to learn informatica MDM:

  • Participants are suggested to have basic knowledge of Informatica Data Director & the  Hierarchy Manager.

Why MDM?

  • It is Multiple products
  • It has government norms
  • It helps an CRM in retaining & fetching new customers
  • The MDM Helps an Datawarehouse & reporting applications
  • Stopping communication for deceased individuals

Why Informatica MDM?

  • Informatica is the only vendor which sells 3 products ie as follows Data Integration, Data Quality & the MDM
  • Scaling
  • It has Robust Matching engine
  • Informatica corp’s investment in the Siperian

How MDM is going to help me?

  • Informatica MDM helps you to consolidate & rationalize master the data from different systems all across the enterprise to improve transactional & analytical processes. This reduces errors earlier in the process & thus increases the accuracy of reporting
  • Total number of MDM implementations will increase
  • High demand

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